Strive to illuminate the soul of the soul, the volunteer service team showed "heart brand"

Strive to illuminate the soul of the soul, the volunteer service team showed "heart brand"

A volunteer is a positive "energy source", a volunteer service team is a "reactor" of a city civilization.

In the Wuhan City, the volunteer service caused vigorous development in the Wuhan City, the "moral highland" reputation, and the volunteer service team continues to grow.

As of the end of April 2021, a total of 740 volunteer service teams were set up, covering theoretical publicity, epidemic prevention and control, cultural heritage, environmental protection, caring, emergency rescue, etc. Among these teams, there is a volunteer service team that shows "heart brand" – Changfeng Street Psychological Assistance Volunteer Service Team.

The first step is to clarify the work ideas and clarify the target task.

Psychological services focused on the psychological services of the new era civilization: the key groups affected by the epidemic (new crown pneumonia patients, family members, community workers, etc.); in "post-epidemic period", Community residents provide normalized psychological services; from psychological services, extension to community service and comprehensive management, and help grassroots social governance innovation. The second step, form a service team to create a professional brand. The three service teams consisted by experts, grid, and volunteers were built with the Hubei Marriage and Family Research Association and Hubei Provincial Social Psychology Society. At present, there have been more than 10 colleges and universities. The counselor will enter the community, provide a high level of professional technical support and guidance; strengthen the training of the menswoman’s psychological knowledge training, play the advantages of netizens covering wide, tentacles, special groups such as community corrections, mental disorders, etc. " Take a deal-off "," respond to visits "such as minor groups; strengthen volunteers professional training, and cultivate the community volunteer service team into the backbone team of community psychological counseling and intervention. In the third step, rely on grid management and improve the service system. In the Garden Boba Community and Garden Bo South Community, 17 composite, integrate psychological services and grid management, promote grid, responsibilities, team, platform, and workflow. Volunteer Service Team Implementation "Trolls and Assessment – Discovery Report – Hierarchical Disposal – Tracking Supervisor – Visits – Return to Family Archive" Chain Processing Mechanism.