Tianjin Beichen District: Organs Cadial entered the round value to stimulate the new vitality of the urban governance

Tianjin Beichen District: Organs Cadial entered the round value to stimulate the new vitality of the urban governance

First, adhere to the party building leaders, highlight the top design, consolidate the foundation of the governance base.

Improve the number of round value mechanisms, forming the four-level linkage working mechanism of the "District Committee dynamic distribution supervision, organ exerting the model effect, the town street scheduled round value plan, community allocation specific task". First, improve system specifications.

Strengthen the leadership of the party building, form the unified leadership of the District Committee, the coordination of the Town Street Party (Work) Committee, the leading ideas of the central party organization centralized dispatch, the party organizations and party members and cadres.

Combined with the actual situation of the "double report" system and the grassroots, the district committee is unified, unified scheduling, unified management, and coordinates more than 1600 organs of the 62-level organs, the party members and cadres to 153 communities entered the round value plan, and do the agency Units, subsequent cadres and enclose communities. The second is strictly managed. The organ unit arranged in advance, did a good job in workers, and ensuring that the sinkers were really sinking in the community and lifting "worries". Community Party Organization strengthens the daily management of party members and cadres, doing a good job in payment, and "card" daily. If you have a special case, you can’t get a round value on time. If you have a holiday, please have a long time, please pay more than 1 day, you must not identify "Good" and wait, and adjust the work arrangement of the next work, timely "makeup".

The third is to strengthen education and training.

The organ unit will grasp the important components of the party building work in the party building work, and through the various ways of organizing grassroots governance business training, preoperative conversation, etc., to make the party members and cadres clearly clear the work regulations and improve their ideological understanding.

The community provides basic situation, policy details, and difficult problems, "a clear", for the submission of the dry department, so that the sinkers will make the work ideas and quickly transform the roles.

Second, quantization work indicators, strengthen tracking, and stimulate as a dug potential.

Effective measures such as the quantitative measures such as the number of rewards and punishments will grasp the round-valued work, and the enthusiasm of the party members and cadres have begun. One is to refine the target task.

Take the "residential order, community form, party members and cadres’ orders" to implement the "menu" service, organize the organs to carry out "three one" activities, namely "do an practical thing for the community, give social workers a party class, Help residents solve a problem. " The Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee is aimed at the characteristics of the community old opera enthusiasts, using the unit resource advantages, successfully prepares the opera performance activities; Tianjin Radio and Television University teachers combined with party history education, the party members of the community, are welcome to the community party members; District Water Affairs Office Understand the problem of sewage running in the community, and immediately coordinate the thorough finishing of drainage facilities, and ensure the safety travel of more than 5,000 residents in the community. The second is to strengthen the inspection.

Give full play to the "magnifying glass" and "baton" role, adopting the "four no two straight" "Blue Army Supervision", etc. The first time I found that the disposal and conversation reminded, both inspected the organ unit, also inspected the town street community, and the supervision results were included in the comprehensive part of the party’s responsibility assessment, as an important part of the assessment score at the end of the year. The third is to pay attention to the results. Take measures such as integration or comterography management, score management of the next day-to-day work, formulate a quantitative evaluation index, according to good, better, general, different, four, etc. Evaluation. In-depth excavation of the "Service Star" "Enterprise Opera" and other advanced typical, dedicated deeds and commendation.

The agency unit puts the cadres’ sinking community work as an important basis for the end of the year, evaluates the evaluation, and advances from the promotion. Third, focus on community problems, enhance common integration, and explore the path of good governance path.

As a round-valued work as an important starting point of the promotion of the party construction leads the grassroots governance effectiveness, focusing on the difficulty of governance of community governance, and build the governance structure. First, integrate resource construction platforms. Established more than 1900 municipal and districts, the "talent library", combined with its work functions, hobby, etc. To legal advice, contradiction adjustment, etc., the "project library" close to the community work, with the voices of the masses, continuously integrate into the first line of community governance, and "the end of the sinking, long-range service", providing strong resource support for community governance.

After the sinking of the district court cadres, using legal expertise and continued to carry out more than 10 public-law activities, and on-site mediation disputes, the source governance governed to the masses.

The second is to establish a long-term mechanism. Optimize the information linkage of the unit and the community, "single soldier attack" is "group operation", relying on the construction of the community "big party committee", and selects 225 organs of the unit responsible for the part-time committee, overtracticity, and community Carry out the construction activities, sign the joint agreement, and clarify at least 3 people in real things every year to form a long-term mechanism of "sink + co-construction".

The third is to stimulate the vitality of the city governance. During the deposition of the organ cadres, he took the lead in the "hot mood" and drill "contradictory", and the grassroots governance first line, as a "trial gold stone" that tests the style of thinking, as "the practice of practical activities" for the masses " "The demonstration", so that the "contact point" of the sinking community becomes the "demonstration point" to share the "demonstration point", close the party group, improved the ability to serve the masses, and coordinate more than 2,800 problems in the grassroots difficult blocks. Solved a group of people to worry about trouble, realizing the grassroots organization’s increase, party members and cadres are subject to education, residents are affordable, social governance.

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