Treasure "Tibet" story Tibet has more than 2 million farmers and herdsmen bid farewell to "drinking water"

Treasure "Tibet" story Tibet has more than 2 million farmers and herdsmen bid farewell to "drinking water"

In the winter, the villagers of Mili Village, Mili Village, Zha Xixiang, Mizhuki, Mi Zhisheng, Lhasa, Tibet, have a lot of water, and need to go to the water in the water. People and cattle and sheep drink the same water, sometimes they have to take cattle and sheep, and a family drinks water.

"There is a tap water in the past few years, and I don’t have to go back to the water, and the water drunk is clean.

"I don’t think of the faucet outside the house, watching the clear and clean tap water, full of smile. The reporter learned from the Tibet Autonomous Region Water Resources Department, Tibet Peace Over the past 70 years, party and government in order to solve Tibet The problem of drinking water in the farmers and herdsmen has been implemented in the "Mother Water" and other concentrated water supply projects. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Tibet has resolved the problem of rural drinking water safety as the bottom line task and the top priority. As of now, Tibetan farming The problem of drinking water safety in the district is basically solved, and more than 2 million farmers will benefit. Tibet water resources and water energy resources are very rich, and the rivers and rivers in the territory, the lake is dense, is known as "Asian Water Tower". Today, most of Tibet Most farming areas It has been taken into the household, and the tap can be drunk. It will protect the safety of the people’s drinking water. wave.

Tibet Ali District, Pulan County, Caiba Village, Caiba, and the Operating Family Inn have been 13 years.

She told the reporter that the past, because the tourists who came to travel, they went to the county because they came to the county. The new house was covered in the previous year, and the water is repaired, and the water is repaired.

"There are several ways to repair the water toilet in the village.

Clean, there is no odor, it’s so good! I can’t think of rural areas can also use the flushing toilet like the city.

"she says.

After tap water, many people in Tibetan Farming Honest Group purchased a washing machine, solar water heater and other household appliances, and the quality of life is significantly improved, and the awareness of health and health has also increased significantly.

Some places have also achieved water supply and drainage, effectively improve the rural homage environment, which has strongly promoted beautiful and livable rural construction.

Data show that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Tibet has investing billions of dollars and renovates 17581 in rural drinking water safety projects.

Sun Xianzhong, director of the Department of Water Resources, Tibet Autonomous Region, said that next Tibet will implement large-scale centralized water supply projects, promote urban water supply pipeline extends to the rural areas, let more people drink safe water, rest assured water, clean water.

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