Tibet Sports delegation creates the best results of history

Tibet Sports delegation creates the best results of history

  On September 27th, the 4th National Games Closing ceremony was held in Xi’an Olympics Center.

The picture shows the banner of the banner of the sports delegation in the closing ceremony.

Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei, took the evening of September 27, and finally ended his event.

After fierce competition, our district sports delegation is united, not afraid of strong hands, and completed various events with tenacious sports spirit, and the competitive project won 3 gold 1 silver 2 copper, and the masses have won 2 third prizes. The best achievements in the history of the National Games, and won the "Fantastic" Sports Moral Award of the 14th National National Games "with a good spiritual style, achieving the competition scores and sports morality" double harvest ".

  This year, it is the first time that rock climbing has become a national sports competition.

At noon on the 21st, in the two all-round finals of the 14th National National Games, the players in our district got the third place, winning a bronze medal, is the sports delegation of our district in this year’s National Games competition The first medal won in the project. "Special excitement! How many years of dreams are achieved!" Hand holding gold medals, Tibet equestrian team leader and coaches the excitement of the End of the East, "Too easy, we finally got the gold medal of dreams!" After 3 days fierce Thanks to the afternoon of the 21st, the Tiezang team composed of Luzang, Dan San, Gesang Ping, Zhaxi 4 people composed of the Tibetan team of the 14th National National Games, and extracted this session for Tibet The first gold medal of the National Games, which is also the first gold of the Tibet equestrian team at the competitive equestrian project.

Among them, Gemsang Ping played excellent, picking a three-course personalized bronze medal.

  On the evening of the 21st and 23rd, the men’s 10,000 meters finals, the 5000 meters finals, the songs, our district players, more than 28 minutes, 35 seconds, 24, 13 minutes, 49 seconds, the results of the group, bravely won 2 competition champions For Tibet, I won 2 gold medals. "I am very excited in my heart! It is different from 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. It takes better speed and endurance. In the process of the game, I don’t have much ideas, I think all the strength in the body, fight once, As a result, I really got the champion. "Before the lens, Duo Jie wondered and greeted," gratitude ", thanks to the coach, thank you for training together … 18 years old Zhaxi is full The Men’s 3,000-meter obstacle finals have the smallest player.

On the evening of the 25th, in the heavy rain, he splashes in the hurdle, runs, and the rain splashes at the foot, and finally, win the silver medal.

"The first time I participated in such a big event. I didn’t get a regret of the gold medal. I have a long time. After going back, I have to improve my hurdle technology. I have to sum up this game. I hope the next session. The reunion can achieve dreams. "When an interview was in the game, it was not clear that the rain is still sweat."

  The national sports meeting in the 4th year is my country’s highest, largest, large in large-scale, and the highest competitive level. It is also an important platform for displaying regional overall image and masses’ spiritual features.

The National Games, a total of 201 athletes in our district entered the final stage, more than 106 people, and the number of participants exceeded the previous session.

"Tibet of this year has achieved historical achievements, except in rock climbing, equestrian, and long running, our district has also achieved good results in marathon, wrestling and other projects." Autonomous Region Sports Bureau Directors Ma Kan said.

  In recent years, the sports facilities in our district have been continuously improved, and the masses are continuously promoted. This National Games, the sports delegation in our district also participated in the table tennis, badminton, tennis, air roll ball, play, chess, chess, bridge, etc. 8 mass sports, square dance, broadcast gymnastics, Taijiquan and other three The masses show projects. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.