Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau: Preventing the poor caused by the disease

Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau: Preventing the poor caused by the disease

  "Lao Lu, recently is the body is ok? Is there any difficulty in buying medicine?" Recently, I saw the staff of the Sanmen County Medical Insurance Bureau in Taizhou City to return, and the villagers in Pufa Town, Sanmen County, a staff member. Hands with gratitude, "Thank you, you will help me run, now I can buy medicine every month." Due to illness, poor return is "blocking the road" on the common prosperity road. "

Since the beginning of this year, the Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau has tightened the "urgent expensive" problem of the people, highlighting the orientation of the problem, carrying out the special governance of difficulties in poor guidelines, and solidly promotes medical assistance work, and does not allow the difficult people to fall.

  Take the village to visit the household and worried about medical assistance defense lines suffering from rare disease type II glycologic storage, only through the imported medicine "Merzan".

"This medicine is very expensive, more than 5,000 yuan, 36 people must be played every month, and it will be 200,000 yuan for a month.

It is also necessary for the rare disease fund to basically reimburse, solve the problem of cost.

"Moumou said," But this medicine is very difficult to buy, I went to the designated hospital a few times before, and I didn’t buy it.

"After understanding this situation, the Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau Working Group first got in contact with the hospital, and learned that the problem of this drug is generally existed in Taizhou.

"The landing of medical insurance rare diseases makes patients who have been unable to pay, also have the opportunity to treat, causing drug supply in short supply." The relevant person in charge of the hospital explained.

  After understanding the situation, multi-partial work groups coordinated communication and promoted the proliferation of the supply and distributed adequate drugs to the designated hospital per month. "The success of the difficulty of buying a drug, thanks to the ‘learning party history in the Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau in Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau.

Through visit, we can understand the problem of rescue objects, which is actively working with relevant departments to make docking coordination, and maximizing the needs of the people. "Cai Wenfu, Party Secretary, Director Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau, said. Organize medical insurance cadres to implement group service, go deep into the first line of the grassroots level to explain the tilt policy; take the initiative to handle special diseases for some of the rescue objects, contact specialist hospitals, open up medical green channel; implement a rescue object Self-payment medical expenses "one thing", "one person, one discussion", strengthen the effective connection between the medical assistance and charity and other rescue channels; strive to achieve the difficulties of the difficult masses, the medical expenses are carried out, and the medical expenses are reduced to the reasonable range … this year Since the beginning, the Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau has taken the work of party history, and the problem of "urgent expensive" issues are closely eye-catching.

  Pu Hui insurance full coverage people’s livelihood guarantee network realizes the basic medical insurance, major illness insurance, medical assistance "three guarantees", is the main path of medical insurance precision poverty alleviation reform.

"At present, we have basically realized difficulties should be guaranteed to be guaranteed, and the level of financial and medical assistance policies has reached 100%." ??Cai Wenfu said.

  According to statistics, as of the end of October, Taizhou’s difficult people funded tens of thousands of people, funded by capital of 10,000 yuan, medical rescue people, and directly rescued funds.

  Medical protection for the interests of the masses, but also to achieve full coverage and accurate assistance. In the special governance, Taizhou continues to increase policy tiltness, implement major illness insurance, and gradually improve the level of slow disease clinic in difficult masses.

"Cai Wenfu introduced.

  At present, in an annual medical insurance year, hospitalization, special disease-type clinic, chronic disease door diagnosis, complimentary medical expenses, the accumulation of personal affordable parties and major illness insurance special medicines, 20,000 yuan, and by the majority of disease insurance funds 75%, Do not set the top line.

Among them, the difficult people’s loop lines reduce half, and the payment ratio is increased to 85%. In order to fundamentally solve the difficulty of seeing a doctor, seeing the problem, constructing anti-reaching poor effect mechanism, on September 15, Taizhou launched the first government-guided custom Pu Hui health insurance product "Taizhou Limin Bank", facing Taizhou Medical insurance insured personnel, pay 100 yuan can enjoy the highest 3 million yuan in high guarantees. "For the difficult people, Taizhou is clearly incorporated into the specialty, low-protection, low-edge-wide national rescue personnel by local governments, effectively reducing the burden of heavy diseases in the people." Cai Wenfu said, as of the end of October, Taizhou insured 600,000, the total number of funded people to participate in 10,000 people, the funding amount reached 9.65 million yuan.

  In terms of protection, the Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau also explored many explorations. At present, Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau mobilized financial, civil affairs, poverty alleviation and other institutions and charity, etc. And resolve the poor to poor to poor. Cai Wenfu said that next step, Taizhou will continue to focus on difficult people due to illness, achieving poor return, achieving good, safeguarding, developing the interests of the masses, ensuring that the people should protect, should save, do medical security, help together rich.

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