Review self-discipline management commitment

Review self-discipline management commitment

  In order to implement the spirit of the 18th Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session, implement the national Internet information office "According to law network, according to law network, according to law", this website is self-discipline management, and is now open to commitment: First, this website is called a comment service, refers to the use of online interactive communication technology platforms for users to publish comments (including but not limited to voice, text, picture, audio, video and other information). Service.

  Second, this website is committed to making the post to communicate, rational, friendly, and high quality opinions. While driving the development of the business development, strengthen the corresponding information security management capabilities, improve the self-discipline with the post, earnestly fulfill social responsibility, comply with national laws and regulations, respect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and respect the public. Third, this website adheres to the user to register an account with a real identity information, use the post comment service.

  Fourth, this website promises, please sincerely, please use the post to comply with the post that must not pay more attention to the Legal and Regulations, the socialist system, the national interest, the legitimate rights and interests of the socialist system, the national interest, citizenship rights, social public order, moral fashion and information authenticity, etc. "seven bottom lines ".

  5. This website is promised, and all users do not publish the following information: (1) The basic principles of the constitutional determination; (2) Hazard national security, leak state secrets, subverting national regimes, and destroying national unity; (3) Damage to national honors and interests; (4) inciting national hatred, national discrimination, destroying national unity; (5) inciting geographical discrimination, geographical hatred; (6) destroying national religious policies, preaching cults and superstition; (7) Distributed rumors, disrupt social order, destroy social stability; (eight) disseminate obscenity, porn, gambling, violence, murder, horror, or abetment; (9) insulting or slandering others, infringement of others; (10) Others conduct violent intimidation, threats, and implement the human flesh search; (11) The privacy information of the minor’s privacy information was disseminated by the non-adult’s privacy information; (12) disseminating the privacy information of the minor; (12) dissemination Improve social public order; (13) violation of other people’s intellectual property rights; (14) Distribute commercial advertisements, or similar commercial recruitment information; (fifteen) Use other languages ??and texts other than language text other than this website; (Ten 6) There is no relationship with the information comment; (sevente) The information published is meaningless, or deliberately uses the character combination to escape the technical review; (18) other information prohibited from propagation . 6. For users who violate the above commitments, this website will take a pre-warning, refuse to release, delete, short-term prohibition, etc. The post will be preserved in the case, and the report is reported to be reported in the investigation of relevant government departments.

  Seven, this website promises to improve the public report platform, welcome users to supervise all kinds of wrong communication activities and illegal harmful information to create a clear network space.

Commitment: Liaocheng News Network.