The style of the highland city industry is new (Chong Tian Road to see the change)

The style of the highland city industry is new (Chong Tian Road to see the change)

Leaving Chengdu, driving in Rongchang Expressway, looking away with the hillous mountains stretched away, he saw the Longmen Mountains – Qinghai-Tibet Plateau sectors to push this natural boundary line to southeast.

On the side, the Sichuan Plateau is beautiful; on the other side, the Sichuan Basin property is rich.

Down to the Sichuan Province of Tangnang Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yantuxiang, Yanchengxiang, Sichuan Province, and Xu Xu, Xu Xu, the Alpine Gorge.

Under the blue sky, a white greenhouse is inlaid, and the villagers are busy, and the villagers are busy living.

Surgun is about 3400 meters above sea level. Can you increase the type of vegetables in the plateau? Relying on the poverty alleviation collaboration in the East and West and the province to help the power, the village is transferred to the land to build a plateau vegetable base; the technical staff hand teaches to plant technology, guiding the farmers and herdsmen in their own yards, lettuce, radish … in just a few years, Segu Village relies on the advantages of longevity, the temperature difference between day and night, and vigorously develops the plateau vegetable planting, the product is listed, sold to Chengyu and other places, and become the rich industry of local farmers and herdsmen. "I used to eat, eat it on the sky, and my income is not high. Now the land is turned to the vegetable base, and the annual flow of land is 450 yuan.

I am still working in the base, and I have income every day.

"The villagers will win a day in the day of the day.

Since the model of "cooperative + base + farmers", Yan Tang County has cultivated 11 vegetable bases and large farmers. After the farmers and herdsmen homes have been cultivated, and there are more than 1,500 pastological "small gardens" in the county. The internal organisms of the farmers and herdsmen are effectively stimulated, a batch of planting, farmers have developed, "backward villages" became "Little Kang Village". Continue to west, came to Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, with an average sea level of over 4,000 meters. Entering the Ankang Community not far from the county city, it is a beautiful house with a pole, a flat telled hardening road, a unique parallel street light … After the front house, several The villagers are busy planting flowers; on the community square, a group of children are playing basketball. Here is a centralized resettlement point for the largest and easy-to-ranking relocation of Ganzi Prefecture.

The community residential Bad station is at the entrance of our homes, and he will hear everyone to enter the house.

On the restaurant’s tea table, the butter tea has been burned, and the wall is filled with children’s awards.

"At the end of 2017, our home has moved from the past 200 kilometers away, there is no signal, there is no highway, and the doll is not convenient." Bad told reporters that today’s level conditions improved. Bad’s new home is approximately 90 square meters, except for the three-bedroom and one hall, a sunshine studio has also been built. Bad is a representative inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Cixa County – Tibetan Gesar, and now there are more and more orders.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Sichuan Province has implemented the "Six Minsheng Engineering Plan" for 8 consecutive years, continued to promote Yuechuan, Zhechuan collaboration and provincial counterpart support, accelerate the development of the whole domain tourism, Plateau agriculture and other features, 32 In 2019, Tibet Prefecture has achieved remarkable results in achieving infrastructure construction such as leading cap, transportation, electricity, water conservancy, communication.