Trace elements or "food supplement" most reliable

Trace elements or "food supplement" most reliable

In recent years, the nutritional supplements that have a variety of functions have been eaten after a meal, which seems to be a lot of people’s choices. The present thing is increasingly paying attention to health, how to reasonable diet, how to supplement nutrients, and the focus of people. Remove the daily dietary intake, ordinary consumers need to conventionally touched vitamins, minerals, and all kinds of dietary supplements? No "food nutrition" released by the "Food Nutrition" published in the Publishing House published by cardiovascular diseases, which can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease, etc. Published nutritional supplements: Nutritional supplements are an auxiliary means of diet, used to supplement the amino acids required for the human body, trace Elements, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The nutrient supplement may be composed of amino acid, multi-unsaturated fatty acid, mineral and vitamin, or consist of only one or more vitamins, or consisting of one or more dietary components, including amino acid, vitamin, mine. In addition to nutrients such as substances, it is also possible to have a herb or other plant component, or a concentrate, extract or composition of the above component. Li Wei and the Chief Professor of the Nutrition and Health Research Institute of Qingdao University, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Canadian Four scholars published articles on the British Medicine Magazine (BMJ) "The impact of vitamins and mineral supplements on health" and assessing various The effect of nutritional supplements, including a variety of vitamins, minerals and fish oil.

The study found that in the United States, adults over 70% have used nutritional supplements, compared to one-third of children and adolescents use nutritional supplements.

In the study, American scholars estimate that 5% of people have intimate, 80% and 97% of the United States and Canada have added too much vitamin A.

Female using nutritional supplements is more than men.

The most wide nutritional supplement is used, the top three are vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D, then vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and calcium. The aforementioned papers show that the randomized control test results show that the risk of using vitamins, minerals and fish oil supplements do not support non-infectious diseases. Nutritional supplements have significantly reduced most of the nutrient intake but also increased the excess of certain nutrient intake, and further research is required to assess nutrient supplements to ordinary people and individuals with specific nutritional needs. Includes people from low income and medium-income countries) health long-term effects. "The nutritional supplements represented by vitamins C, E and D are popular in Western world, but the Chinese are not widely taken.

Song Qing, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Beijing University of Science and Technology, said that trace nutrients have been added to food supplement, and the designed scientific clinical experiments have also failed to give the final conclusions.

"The results of the related randomized control test, for healthy people who have no nutrient lack of performance, eating vitamins, minerals, fish oil capsules, have not found that can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease, cancer or type 2 diabetes The risk of suffering.

"Vice professor Vice Professor, Agricultural University Food Academy" said.

The effect varies from person to person, takes the quantity, and the time should consider the nutritional supplement to the end, do you want to eat? Fan Zhihong said that it is necessary to make decisions on the basis of analyzing the specific situation, and the number of supplements should be reasonable, and the time when the ingestion of the nutritional supplement is not too long.

"There are still many people who don’t belong to the true sense ‘, may not guarantee’ daily can get sufficient nutrients from natural food, may still pay attention to some nutrients within the short term." Fan Zhihong said .

Song Qing from the chemical structure to assess the benefits of supplementing trace nutrients. "Vitamin C is a necessary auxiliary factor of several important enzymes, but human and most primary animals cannot synthesize their own, so they must be taken from food. Vitamin C is also water-soluble antioxidants in vivo. The energy of the human body comes from combustion chemicals The combustion process will damage the cell structure, and the antioxidant can reduce combustion damage. "Song Qing said. Song Qing said that vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant in the body.

The antioxidant effects of vitamins C and E are determined by their respective chemical structures, so the aging due to oxidation of the cell structure can be delayed by antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. "Vitamin D is synthesized by cholesterol through sun ultraviolet radios, is essential for bones.

However, vitamin D is a kind of sterol hormone, which is closely bonded with its closely bonded receptor, so physiological effects are not limited to bones. In recent years, animal experiments and clinical experiments have found that vitamin D can affect many physiological activities.

Supplementary vitamin D can improve immunity to resist various diseases.

Song Qing pointed out. Song Qing said that although vitamin C, D, E-unique chemical structure guarantees its powerful health care function, it is necessary to consider it through the additional supplement of dietary nutritional supplements. If you take it, it is enough. In addition, additional supplements will increase the cost of living. For special people, more people with athletes, weight loss people, elderly, chronic severe disease patients, supplement vitamins, etc., is a powerful guarantee for maintaining or restoring physiological health. (Our reporter Ma loves).