Soy sauce has a good time: high blood pressure, children and other special people pay attention to the right amount

Soy sauce has a good time: high blood pressure, children and other special people pay attention to the right amount

Soy sauce is my country’s traditional condiments, and there are people with soy sauce all over my country. The soy sauce is delicious. It helps to promote appetite, is an indispensable condiment such as cooking, roast, cold dishes. According to the official website of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration, in order to guide the majority of consumers more scientific purchase, edible and storage sauce, Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration suggest that soy sauce contains amino acids, small molecule peptides, sugar, etc., excessive heat It will lose its nutrients and will deepen the color of the dishes due to sugar coking. Soy sauce can be added earlier when cooking dishes, and only seasoning dishes are allowed to add a little available in front of the pan, avoiding high temperature in the pot to destroy amino acids. In addition, when soy sauce is consumed, pay attention to the purchase of the products for cooking soy sauce, try not to eat directly. If you purchase some soy sauce, you can directly consume; patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, special people such as children should pay attention to the right amount, even if they buy low salt soy sauce, if the amount of food is too large, it will also cause health A certain degree of impact. The "Food Safety National Standard Soyao" (GB2717-2018) implemented in December 2019, clear soy sauce refers to the raw material of soybean (cake), wheat and (or) bran, etc., and is made of microbial fermentation. , Fragrant, liquid condiments. The soy sauce here refers only to brewing soy sauce, has a complete fermentation brewing process, does not include liquid condiments prepared by hydrolyzed hydrolyzed plant protein flavoring liquid, hydrolyzed hydrolyzed plant protein flavoring liquid, food additive, and the like.

On June 29, 2021, the "Announcement on Strengthening Soy Soyland and Vine Vinegar" issued by the State Market Supervision and Administration, the soy sauce production enterprises shall not reproduce the production of soy sauce using raw materials such as acid hydrolysis plant protein flavoring liquid. Sauce food safety national standard seasonings should not be marked with "soy sauce" name or category, do not use raw materials such as acid hydrolysis plant protein flavor and produce soy sauce. Sales preparation of soy sauce will be included in liquid seasoning management.

According to the fermentation process, soy sauce is divided into two categories of high salt-rich fermentation soy sauce and low salt solid fermented soy sauce, and high-salt ray fermented soy sauce can also be divided into high salt vessel fermented soy sauce and solid fermented soy sauce. The Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration suggests that consumers do not buy tag information incomplete when purchasing pre-packaged soy sauce, cover, print, print, or tamper with tamper. At the same time, it is also possible to pay attention to the amino acid state of the label identifier, the higher the amino acid state, the higher the quality of the soy sauce, and the main source of soy sauce.

Consumers should pay attention to whether there is a formal supply channel when purchasing bulk soy sauce. When purchasing, you can judge the quality of soy sauce in the following aspects: Observe the color and morphology of the product. Products preferred products are generally red, gloss, and the products are more viscous and gently shake will produce certain foams;

The quality of the quality is rich in fragrance, soft, rich in sauce and ester, unreasonable taste; taste.

Good quality soy sauce is delicious, mellow, fresh, salty, and premium.

In addition, there are "children soy sauce", "organic soy sauce" "Iron strengthening soy sauce", "low salt soy sauce", "low salt soy sauce", "there is no need to choose a low salt product; organic sauce needs to choose organic raw materials Brew; no added soy sauce is generally claimed to add food additives such as preservatives, sweeteners; iron-strengthened soy sauce is a nutritional strengthening of sodium tetracetate, sodium tetracetate, sodium, sodium tetracetate, sodium iron. Condiment; low salt sauce is a product having a low salt content, often refers to compared with the same brand without damaging salt products. Consumers can choose the product suitable for yourself according to the preferences and special needs.