Trace elements or "food supplement" most reliable

Trace elements or "food supplement" most reliable

In recent years, the nutritional supplements that have a variety of functions have been eaten after a meal, which seems to be a lot of people’s choices. The present thing is increasingly paying attention to health, how to reasonable diet, how to supplement nutrients, and the focus of people. Remove the daily dietary intake, ordinary consumers need to conventionally touched vitamins, minerals, and all kinds of dietary supplements? No "food nutrition" released by the "Food Nutrition" published in the Publishing House published by cardiovascular diseases, which can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease, etc. Published nutritional supplements: Nutritional supplements are an auxiliary means of diet, used to supplement the amino acids required for the human body, trace Elements, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The nutrient supplement may be composed of amino acid, multi-unsaturated fatty acid, mineral and vitamin, or consist of only one or more vitamins, or consisting of one or more dietary components, including amino acid, vitamin, mine. In addition to nutrients such as substances, it is also possible to have a herb or other plant component, or a concentrate, extract or composition of the above component. Li Wei and the Chief Professor of the Nutrition and Health Research Institute of Qingdao University, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Canadian Four scholars published articles on the British Medicine Magazine (BMJ) "The impact of vitamins and mineral supplements on health" and assessing various The effect of nutritional supplements, including a variety of vitamins, minerals and fish oil.

The study found that in the United States, adults over 70% have used nutritional supplements, compared to one-third of children and adolescents use nutritional supplements.

In the study, American scholars estimate that 5% of people have intimate, 80% and 97% of the United States and Canada have added too much vitamin A.

Female using nutritional supplements is more than men.

The most wide nutritional supplement is used, the top three are vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D, then vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and calcium. The aforementioned papers show that the randomized control test results show that the risk of using vitamins, minerals and fish oil supplements do not support non-infectious diseases. Nutritional supplements have significantly reduced most of the nutrient intake but also increased the excess of certain nutrient intake, and further research is required to assess nutrient supplements to ordinary people and individuals with specific nutritional needs. Includes people from low income and medium-income countries) health long-term effects. "The nutritional supplements represented by vitamins C, E and D are popular in Western world, but the Chinese are not widely taken.

Song Qing, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Beijing University of Science and Technology, said that trace nutrients have been added to food supplement, and the designed scientific clinical experiments have also failed to give the final conclusions.

"The results of the related randomized control test, for healthy people who have no nutrient lack of performance, eating vitamins, minerals, fish oil capsules, have not found that can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease, cancer or type 2 diabetes The risk of suffering.

"Vice professor Vice Professor, Agricultural University Food Academy" said.

The effect varies from person to person, takes the quantity, and the time should consider the nutritional supplement to the end, do you want to eat? Fan Zhihong said that it is necessary to make decisions on the basis of analyzing the specific situation, and the number of supplements should be reasonable, and the time when the ingestion of the nutritional supplement is not too long.

"There are still many people who don’t belong to the true sense ‘, may not guarantee’ daily can get sufficient nutrients from natural food, may still pay attention to some nutrients within the short term." Fan Zhihong said .

Song Qing from the chemical structure to assess the benefits of supplementing trace nutrients. "Vitamin C is a necessary auxiliary factor of several important enzymes, but human and most primary animals cannot synthesize their own, so they must be taken from food. Vitamin C is also water-soluble antioxidants in vivo. The energy of the human body comes from combustion chemicals The combustion process will damage the cell structure, and the antioxidant can reduce combustion damage. "Song Qing said. Song Qing said that vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant in the body.

The antioxidant effects of vitamins C and E are determined by their respective chemical structures, so the aging due to oxidation of the cell structure can be delayed by antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. "Vitamin D is synthesized by cholesterol through sun ultraviolet radios, is essential for bones.

However, vitamin D is a kind of sterol hormone, which is closely bonded with its closely bonded receptor, so physiological effects are not limited to bones. In recent years, animal experiments and clinical experiments have found that vitamin D can affect many physiological activities.

Supplementary vitamin D can improve immunity to resist various diseases.

Song Qing pointed out. Song Qing said that although vitamin C, D, E-unique chemical structure guarantees its powerful health care function, it is necessary to consider it through the additional supplement of dietary nutritional supplements. If you take it, it is enough. In addition, additional supplements will increase the cost of living. For special people, more people with athletes, weight loss people, elderly, chronic severe disease patients, supplement vitamins, etc., is a powerful guarantee for maintaining or restoring physiological health. (Our reporter Ma loves).

Qilihe District organiseert basisschoolstudenten om afvalclassificatie sociale praktijkactiviteiten uit te voeren

Qilihe District organiseert basisschoolstudenten om afvalclassificatie sociale praktijkactiviteiten uit te voeren

De evenementensite.

(Qilihe District Comité Propaganda Afdeling) Volgens het nieuws van het districtscommissie Qilihe, op 23 augustus, de toonaangevende groepskantoor van de QiLihe District City Provincial Afvalclassificatie Werk Toonaangevend Groepskantoor gezamenlijk de basisschoolstudenten in de jurisdictie om afval uit te voeren Indeling Sociale praktijkactiviteiten voor het onderwerp is gericht op het maken van basisschoolstudenten begrijpen het belang van het implementeren van binnenlandse vuilnisclassificatie en het beschermen van het milieu.In het geval, het voorlopig begrip van de basiskennis van afvalclassificatie en stelt het initiatief "Garbage Classification" voor.

Dan leidden het personeel de studenten om naar de Guangmingyuan-gemeenschap te komen voor afvalreiniging en afvalclassificatie oefenen oefenen, en sommige studenten hebben het afval opgepikt en sommigen om vuilnisbrochures te geven aan de bewoners.Bewoners hebben gezegd dat het leven in het toekomstige leven de afvalclassificatie van de praktijk zal toepassen, het leven van de cel beter maken.

(Editor: Zhou Yuting, Wang Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

The first report in November, China’s heads of foreign diplomacy highlights four driving force

The first report in November, China’s heads of foreign diplomacy highlights four driving force

  As the largest developing country and the largest developed country, can it handle each other’s relationship, and the destiny of the world, it is the two countries that must answer together.

  When Xi Jinping held a video meeting with the US President, Chairman Bid, proposes the three priorities of Sino-US mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, cooperation and win-win three principles and to promote the future direction of Sino-US relations. The basic framework. "In order to build a new international relationship, the new power of constructing the injective injection of human fate is".

In November, President Xi Jinping and Putin President President Putin respectively closed the New Year, the third China Russian energy business forum. The heads of diplomacy leads, and the relationship continues to move toward higher levels, higher quality and higher levels.

  "It is a comprehensive strategic partner and should be firmly cooperated.

"On November 30th, when the President of Cyprus Anastata, Xi Jinping, Chairman Xi Jinping, unanimously decided to promote the relationship between China and the strategic partnership and promoted the Central European relations.

  "Promoting a comprehensive strategic partnership is constantly moving on the new level" "" Promotion (Zihua) comprehensive strategic partnership continues to healthily and stabilize "" Promoting friendly cooperation has achieved more results "" promoting friendly cooperative relations with new stairs "" to promote the two countries () The friendly cooperative relationship is continuously developed "" The new broad prospect of opening up the comprehensive strategic partners "" "promotes the comprehensive partnership of the innovation continues to be healthy and stable" … China’s heads of foreign diplomacy leads, China’s "friends circle" is getting wider and wider, bilateral The development of relationships is constantly rich, and the direction is more clear.

  At the World Leaders Summit World Leaders, the Legislative Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, President Xi Jinping emphasized the "maintenance multilateral consensus". At the opening ceremony of the 4th China International Import Expo, President Xi Jinping pointed out the cornerstone of international trade with the multilateral trading system of the world trade organization.

  "All-to-fight against the epidemic", "Adhere to the Open Cooperation", "Promoting Green Transformation", "actively promoting innovation", at the Summit of the Asia-Pacific OECD, President Xi Jinping is the focus of Asia-Pacific cooperation, and the Asia-Pacific fate community clear path.

  At the 30th Anniversary Summit Summit in China – ASEAN Established Dialogue, President Xi Jinping announced. This is a new milestone in the history of the relationship between the two parties, which will inject new motivation into the region and the world peace and prosperity. At the opening ceremony of the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum, President Xi Jinping summed up the development of refined and non-relationships. First of the first proposal, it is proposed to build a new era of non-fate community and strengthen pragmatic cooperation. In the Central African Leaders’ Strategy, Central Africa is moving towards the next "gold twenty years" to the China-US cooperation forum. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is unsatisfactory, the world economy has a rough road. The global development initiatives proposed by President Xi Jinping aimed promoting the international community to respond to challenges, and promoted the recovery of the world economy and accelerated the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. The Global Development Initiative is complining the development needs of various countries. It is working with the regional development vision, promoting the global development of balanced coordination. At the fourth year, President Xi Jinping said that China is willing to build an open world economy with all countries; developing. To overcome the epidemic, restore economic growth is an important task in the current world.

"China announced that the whole year will work hard to provide vaccines, so far," China is willing to provide development assistance to ASEAN in the next three years "" China will provide a vaccination to non-side "… China is using practical action support development National anti-disease and restoration of economic and social development.

  "To adhere to people and natural harmony, actively address climate change, promote green low-carbon transformation, and strive to build the Earth’s Life Community. At the 2008 leader informal meeting in the Asia-Pacific OECD, President Xi Jinping reiterated the development of developing countries Green low carbon energy support.

  … In the Chamber of the World Leader Summit, the Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Employees of the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum, at the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum, Chairman Xi Jinping called on the promotion of climate change "Paris Agreement" is effectively implemented, and China’s power is injected into China’s power for countries.

  At the 30th Anniversary Summit of China-ASEAN Establishment, President Xi Jinping advocated the construction of all parties to obtain positive response. "Building an open inclusive, innovative growth, interconnection, cooperation, win-win" "Building a more close" "Working in the new era" … November China head of state diplomacy, driving the world to continue to build a human fate community Make it. Producer: Yan Wenbin planning: Chen Yu, Monitor: Xie Peng Yan Yan: Dang Qi Editor: Chen Shi Wang Ya Chen Lu Yu Xie Binbin Ma Xiaoyan Zhang Tao Vision: Wang Yichen Xinhua News Agency production Xinhua News Agency International Communication Fusion Platform.

The first "painting mountain" sword "Jin Yong martial arts illustration competition results announced

The first "painting mountain" sword "Jin Yong martial arts illustration competition results announced

Recommended reading 2021-12-1411: 21202-12-1410: 18 Gansu Province Zhangye Color Danxia in the white snow, trailing, colorful, look extra beautiful, beautiful. 2021-12-1309: 2613, as the main activities of 2021 (22nd) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival, 2021 (6th) Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo, 2021 (7th Hainan International Tourism Food Expo, 2021 (Second) Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo is held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

2021-12-1116: 23 December 4, 2021, from the high-altitude overlooking the Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, the red river, the curved and orderly lines are like the texture of the earth, colorful, magnificent, magnificent, 2021-12-1010: 572021 On December 9, the armed police officers and soldiers conducted through cloud ladder training. 2021-12-1010: 07 "Star Avenue" 2021 final fourth game will land on CCTV-1 on December 11th, and log in to CCTV-3 on the next 12th.

After the fierce competition of the third "Star Golden Qu", the "Flowers and Sound, Watches must win" the speech team, and directly entered the fifth game under the leadership of Zhang Liang.

2021-12-0913: 21 Liangtui Ancient Village is ancient village, a residence of rivers, and 260 existing buildings. There is a flavor in the light of winter warm sun, ushered in tourists from all over the country. 2021-12-0911: On December 8, 2021, the first rehearsal of "Campus Football Operation" is the theme of "Campus Football Operation", and let students contact football from the football distance through the football operation. Feel the happiness of football, welcome the arrival of World Football Day on December 9th 2021-12-0910: 54 Hebei Baoding Wangdu County Nantuan Primary School, students practicing and playing drums. The primary school is interested in hobbies, set up Asai vectors, roller skating, curling, paper-cut, painting, dance, etc. 2021-12-0909: 36 December 7, 2021, dock workers dine in Lianyungang Port Container Terminal "Love Station".

2021-12-0809: 512021-12-0714: 32 December 6, 2021, in Donghai County E-Hai County, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Province E-commerce Logistics Center, courier employees are changing packaging skills competitions. 2021-12-0710: On December 6, 2021, the Operation of the Music (Danjiang) to Jia (Musi) high-speed railway built by China Railway 12th Bureau Group. 2021-12-0709: 52 December 6, 2021, Shanghai Concert Hall Outdoor Square, Ginkgo, "Golden A", attracting the public to call.

In the late autumn, Shanghai Street is colorful, autumn picturesque 2021-12-0709: 37 Chinese dream is a national dream, and it is also a dream of every Chinese. Dreams have never been inherited by historical inheritance, and there is more context.

From the Xinhua Xia Xia Xia Xianxia, ??an ancient new weather in the new era, we used to be brilliant, and once blunt.

2021-12-0614: On December 5, 202, December 5, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Industrial Park, pine forest-sur-Isolated Dormings, beautiful, attracting many tourists to come and entertain. 2021-12-0610: 4612, 5, "Run Bar" Children’s Youth Theme Fitness Activity – 2021 Anhui U Series Roller Sliding League Finals held in Hefei Binhu Wheel Slide, the province 10 city team 221 Name athlete.

2021-12-0610: 45 Years of a group of laplic gullets and heron birds assembled in the Northern Hong Kong Water Area, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The county’s ecological environment continues to improve, and each year, the category and quantity of wintering migratory birds have increased year by year, and many migratory birds have slowly become "bird".

2021-12-0609: 33 December 5, 2021, Hebei Jixi County plum boxing teenager is rectifying large martial arts programs "Meiai Shengshi", let Plum Boxing into the broad masses of the people.

2021-12-0609: 32.

Tibet Sports delegation creates the best results of history

Tibet Sports delegation creates the best results of history

  On September 27th, the 4th National Games Closing ceremony was held in Xi’an Olympics Center.

The picture shows the banner of the banner of the sports delegation in the closing ceremony.

Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei, took the evening of September 27, and finally ended his event.

After fierce competition, our district sports delegation is united, not afraid of strong hands, and completed various events with tenacious sports spirit, and the competitive project won 3 gold 1 silver 2 copper, and the masses have won 2 third prizes. The best achievements in the history of the National Games, and won the "Fantastic" Sports Moral Award of the 14th National National Games "with a good spiritual style, achieving the competition scores and sports morality" double harvest ".

  This year, it is the first time that rock climbing has become a national sports competition.

At noon on the 21st, in the two all-round finals of the 14th National National Games, the players in our district got the third place, winning a bronze medal, is the sports delegation of our district in this year’s National Games competition The first medal won in the project. "Special excitement! How many years of dreams are achieved!" Hand holding gold medals, Tibet equestrian team leader and coaches the excitement of the End of the East, "Too easy, we finally got the gold medal of dreams!" After 3 days fierce Thanks to the afternoon of the 21st, the Tiezang team composed of Luzang, Dan San, Gesang Ping, Zhaxi 4 people composed of the Tibetan team of the 14th National National Games, and extracted this session for Tibet The first gold medal of the National Games, which is also the first gold of the Tibet equestrian team at the competitive equestrian project.

Among them, Gemsang Ping played excellent, picking a three-course personalized bronze medal.

  On the evening of the 21st and 23rd, the men’s 10,000 meters finals, the 5000 meters finals, the songs, our district players, more than 28 minutes, 35 seconds, 24, 13 minutes, 49 seconds, the results of the group, bravely won 2 competition champions For Tibet, I won 2 gold medals. "I am very excited in my heart! It is different from 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. It takes better speed and endurance. In the process of the game, I don’t have much ideas, I think all the strength in the body, fight once, As a result, I really got the champion. "Before the lens, Duo Jie wondered and greeted," gratitude ", thanks to the coach, thank you for training together … 18 years old Zhaxi is full The Men’s 3,000-meter obstacle finals have the smallest player.

On the evening of the 25th, in the heavy rain, he splashes in the hurdle, runs, and the rain splashes at the foot, and finally, win the silver medal.

"The first time I participated in such a big event. I didn’t get a regret of the gold medal. I have a long time. After going back, I have to improve my hurdle technology. I have to sum up this game. I hope the next session. The reunion can achieve dreams. "When an interview was in the game, it was not clear that the rain is still sweat."

  The national sports meeting in the 4th year is my country’s highest, largest, large in large-scale, and the highest competitive level. It is also an important platform for displaying regional overall image and masses’ spiritual features.

The National Games, a total of 201 athletes in our district entered the final stage, more than 106 people, and the number of participants exceeded the previous session.

"Tibet of this year has achieved historical achievements, except in rock climbing, equestrian, and long running, our district has also achieved good results in marathon, wrestling and other projects." Autonomous Region Sports Bureau Directors Ma Kan said.

  In recent years, the sports facilities in our district have been continuously improved, and the masses are continuously promoted. This National Games, the sports delegation in our district also participated in the table tennis, badminton, tennis, air roll ball, play, chess, chess, bridge, etc. 8 mass sports, square dance, broadcast gymnastics, Taijiquan and other three The masses show projects. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Treasure "Tibet" story Tibet has more than 2 million farmers and herdsmen bid farewell to "drinking water"

Treasure "Tibet" story Tibet has more than 2 million farmers and herdsmen bid farewell to "drinking water"

In the winter, the villagers of Mili Village, Mili Village, Zha Xixiang, Mizhuki, Mi Zhisheng, Lhasa, Tibet, have a lot of water, and need to go to the water in the water. People and cattle and sheep drink the same water, sometimes they have to take cattle and sheep, and a family drinks water.

"There is a tap water in the past few years, and I don’t have to go back to the water, and the water drunk is clean.

"I don’t think of the faucet outside the house, watching the clear and clean tap water, full of smile. The reporter learned from the Tibet Autonomous Region Water Resources Department, Tibet Peace Over the past 70 years, party and government in order to solve Tibet The problem of drinking water in the farmers and herdsmen has been implemented in the "Mother Water" and other concentrated water supply projects. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Tibet has resolved the problem of rural drinking water safety as the bottom line task and the top priority. As of now, Tibetan farming The problem of drinking water safety in the district is basically solved, and more than 2 million farmers will benefit. Tibet water resources and water energy resources are very rich, and the rivers and rivers in the territory, the lake is dense, is known as "Asian Water Tower". Today, most of Tibet Most farming areas It has been taken into the household, and the tap can be drunk. It will protect the safety of the people’s drinking water. wave.

Tibet Ali District, Pulan County, Caiba Village, Caiba, and the Operating Family Inn have been 13 years.

She told the reporter that the past, because the tourists who came to travel, they went to the county because they came to the county. The new house was covered in the previous year, and the water is repaired, and the water is repaired.

"There are several ways to repair the water toilet in the village.

Clean, there is no odor, it’s so good! I can’t think of rural areas can also use the flushing toilet like the city.

"she says.

After tap water, many people in Tibetan Farming Honest Group purchased a washing machine, solar water heater and other household appliances, and the quality of life is significantly improved, and the awareness of health and health has also increased significantly.

Some places have also achieved water supply and drainage, effectively improve the rural homage environment, which has strongly promoted beautiful and livable rural construction.

Data show that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Tibet has investing billions of dollars and renovates 17581 in rural drinking water safety projects.

Sun Xianzhong, director of the Department of Water Resources, Tibet Autonomous Region, said that next Tibet will implement large-scale centralized water supply projects, promote urban water supply pipeline extends to the rural areas, let more people drink safe water, rest assured water, clean water.

Text reporter: Tian Jinwen poster shooting: Fei Feng poster production: Once Nouruu.

Tianjin Beichen District: Organs Cadial entered the round value to stimulate the new vitality of the urban governance

Tianjin Beichen District: Organs Cadial entered the round value to stimulate the new vitality of the urban governance

First, adhere to the party building leaders, highlight the top design, consolidate the foundation of the governance base.

Improve the number of round value mechanisms, forming the four-level linkage working mechanism of the "District Committee dynamic distribution supervision, organ exerting the model effect, the town street scheduled round value plan, community allocation specific task". First, improve system specifications.

Strengthen the leadership of the party building, form the unified leadership of the District Committee, the coordination of the Town Street Party (Work) Committee, the leading ideas of the central party organization centralized dispatch, the party organizations and party members and cadres.

Combined with the actual situation of the "double report" system and the grassroots, the district committee is unified, unified scheduling, unified management, and coordinates more than 1600 organs of the 62-level organs, the party members and cadres to 153 communities entered the round value plan, and do the agency Units, subsequent cadres and enclose communities. The second is strictly managed. The organ unit arranged in advance, did a good job in workers, and ensuring that the sinkers were really sinking in the community and lifting "worries". Community Party Organization strengthens the daily management of party members and cadres, doing a good job in payment, and "card" daily. If you have a special case, you can’t get a round value on time. If you have a holiday, please have a long time, please pay more than 1 day, you must not identify "Good" and wait, and adjust the work arrangement of the next work, timely "makeup".

The third is to strengthen education and training.

The organ unit will grasp the important components of the party building work in the party building work, and through the various ways of organizing grassroots governance business training, preoperative conversation, etc., to make the party members and cadres clearly clear the work regulations and improve their ideological understanding.

The community provides basic situation, policy details, and difficult problems, "a clear", for the submission of the dry department, so that the sinkers will make the work ideas and quickly transform the roles.

Second, quantization work indicators, strengthen tracking, and stimulate as a dug potential.

Effective measures such as the quantitative measures such as the number of rewards and punishments will grasp the round-valued work, and the enthusiasm of the party members and cadres have begun. One is to refine the target task.

Take the "residential order, community form, party members and cadres’ orders" to implement the "menu" service, organize the organs to carry out "three one" activities, namely "do an practical thing for the community, give social workers a party class, Help residents solve a problem. " The Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee is aimed at the characteristics of the community old opera enthusiasts, using the unit resource advantages, successfully prepares the opera performance activities; Tianjin Radio and Television University teachers combined with party history education, the party members of the community, are welcome to the community party members; District Water Affairs Office Understand the problem of sewage running in the community, and immediately coordinate the thorough finishing of drainage facilities, and ensure the safety travel of more than 5,000 residents in the community. The second is to strengthen the inspection.

Give full play to the "magnifying glass" and "baton" role, adopting the "four no two straight" "Blue Army Supervision", etc. The first time I found that the disposal and conversation reminded, both inspected the organ unit, also inspected the town street community, and the supervision results were included in the comprehensive part of the party’s responsibility assessment, as an important part of the assessment score at the end of the year. The third is to pay attention to the results. Take measures such as integration or comterography management, score management of the next day-to-day work, formulate a quantitative evaluation index, according to good, better, general, different, four, etc. Evaluation. In-depth excavation of the "Service Star" "Enterprise Opera" and other advanced typical, dedicated deeds and commendation.

The agency unit puts the cadres’ sinking community work as an important basis for the end of the year, evaluates the evaluation, and advances from the promotion. Third, focus on community problems, enhance common integration, and explore the path of good governance path.

As a round-valued work as an important starting point of the promotion of the party construction leads the grassroots governance effectiveness, focusing on the difficulty of governance of community governance, and build the governance structure. First, integrate resource construction platforms. Established more than 1900 municipal and districts, the "talent library", combined with its work functions, hobby, etc. To legal advice, contradiction adjustment, etc., the "project library" close to the community work, with the voices of the masses, continuously integrate into the first line of community governance, and "the end of the sinking, long-range service", providing strong resource support for community governance.

After the sinking of the district court cadres, using legal expertise and continued to carry out more than 10 public-law activities, and on-site mediation disputes, the source governance governed to the masses.

The second is to establish a long-term mechanism. Optimize the information linkage of the unit and the community, "single soldier attack" is "group operation", relying on the construction of the community "big party committee", and selects 225 organs of the unit responsible for the part-time committee, overtracticity, and community Carry out the construction activities, sign the joint agreement, and clarify at least 3 people in real things every year to form a long-term mechanism of "sink + co-construction".

The third is to stimulate the vitality of the city governance. During the deposition of the organ cadres, he took the lead in the "hot mood" and drill "contradictory", and the grassroots governance first line, as a "trial gold stone" that tests the style of thinking, as "the practice of practical activities" for the masses " "The demonstration", so that the "contact point" of the sinking community becomes the "demonstration point" to share the "demonstration point", close the party group, improved the ability to serve the masses, and coordinate more than 2,800 problems in the grassroots difficult blocks. Solved a group of people to worry about trouble, realizing the grassroots organization’s increase, party members and cadres are subject to education, residents are affordable, social governance.

(Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Today, Xiaoshu: Warmland to Summer

Today, Xiaoshu: Warmland to Summer

"Hey, the wind is, because of the small summer." Today, we usher in the eleventh holiday in the twenty-four air – small heat.

Along with the continued high temperature weather, more frequent lightning, rainfall, and summer have yet, the heat is near. Climate: One day hot three-year-old summer is a matter of "monthly order seventy-two intentions" records: "June Festival … heat, heat, heat in the heat, the month is small, the moon is big Today, the hot weather is also too small. "The heat is hot, and the summer is a hot beginning. The ancients divided the summer: "Waiting for the wind to go; the second is the hidden, the three hidden eagle begins." Since the summer, people’s most intuitive feelings are cool breeze, all are mixed with hot air Warm air.

Nature, 蟋蟀 leave the field to find a cool, the ground temperature is too high, making the eagle flying high. This step is hot, and it is really a paving of "three volts".

As the saying goes: "The festival is in the summer, and the sky has changed without rain.

"The arrival of Xiaoshu said that" Three Vilaity "is about to begin.

As the rain is increased, the temperature is increased, and the heat is hot and humid, the heat is hot and humid.

In the face of the hot sunflammation, it is a matter of tight.

There is an air conditioning fan today, and in ancient times, the ancients are more "smashed light fans on the rope bed", and the rock is fanned out of the wind, or drink cold drinks, eat ice, etc. According to "Tokyo Meng Hua Lu", the Kaifeng Downtown has "ice and snow and cold yuan", "flooded papaya", "cold water lychee cream", etc., is a good summer.

Customs: "Food New" eat a volt clothing to dry the book, taste new rice, eat dumplings, dress and painting, dry clothes … In the Summer Times, the folks have also circulated a lot of just right, enriching and interesting practices.

In ancient times, the folks pay attention to the heat of "food new" to welcome the harvest, that is, the small summer households eat new rice and taste the wine. The farmers will racing the new rice into rice, and after making fragrant rice, the gods and ancestors are given to the gods and their ancestors. As the weather is hot, people often lose their appetite. In order to solve the summer, the appetite is unscrupulous.

Among them, there was a record of the sun to eat during the three countries. According to "Wei’s Spring and Autumn": "Funi soup, scarf widow, noodles," The soup here refers to heat soup.

The South Dynasty, Liang Dynasty, "Jing Chu Ying", "June Fuji soup, named evil." In the ancient people, sweating can drive the disease, that is, "evil."

In addition, the folkiques have the custom of summer heat, and "Huang Wei, lotus root, mung bean sprout" has a small summer "three treasures", which are all cool and cool.

In addition to these traditional cuisine, there is also the custom of "June 6, Sun Yan", "June 6, People Take Years Dragon", that is, homework, take advantage of the sunny weather, grasp "sunny", put long-term placement In the clothes, paintings, etc. (Comprehensive Since Xinhuanet, China Art News) (Editor: Li Nanhua, Lu Wei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Strive to illuminate the soul of the soul, the volunteer service team showed "heart brand"

Strive to illuminate the soul of the soul, the volunteer service team showed "heart brand"

A volunteer is a positive "energy source", a volunteer service team is a "reactor" of a city civilization.

In the Wuhan City, the volunteer service caused vigorous development in the Wuhan City, the "moral highland" reputation, and the volunteer service team continues to grow.

As of the end of April 2021, a total of 740 volunteer service teams were set up, covering theoretical publicity, epidemic prevention and control, cultural heritage, environmental protection, caring, emergency rescue, etc. Among these teams, there is a volunteer service team that shows "heart brand" – Changfeng Street Psychological Assistance Volunteer Service Team.

The first step is to clarify the work ideas and clarify the target task.

Psychological services focused on the psychological services of the new era civilization: the key groups affected by the epidemic (new crown pneumonia patients, family members, community workers, etc.); in "post-epidemic period", Community residents provide normalized psychological services; from psychological services, extension to community service and comprehensive management, and help grassroots social governance innovation. The second step, form a service team to create a professional brand. The three service teams consisted by experts, grid, and volunteers were built with the Hubei Marriage and Family Research Association and Hubei Provincial Social Psychology Society. At present, there have been more than 10 colleges and universities. The counselor will enter the community, provide a high level of professional technical support and guidance; strengthen the training of the menswoman’s psychological knowledge training, play the advantages of netizens covering wide, tentacles, special groups such as community corrections, mental disorders, etc. " Take a deal-off "," respond to visits "such as minor groups; strengthen volunteers professional training, and cultivate the community volunteer service team into the backbone team of community psychological counseling and intervention. In the third step, rely on grid management and improve the service system. In the Garden Boba Community and Garden Bo South Community, 17 composite, integrate psychological services and grid management, promote grid, responsibilities, team, platform, and workflow. Volunteer Service Team Implementation "Trolls and Assessment – Discovery Report – Hierarchical Disposal – Tracking Supervisor – Visits – Return to Family Archive" Chain Processing Mechanism.

The Philippines Chongji Medical Center signed the establishment of the first Chinese medicine department

The Philippines Chongji Medical Center signed the establishment of the first Chinese medicine department

Original title: The Philippines Chongji Medical Center signed the establishment of the first Chinese Medicine Department of the Philippines, the Chairman of the Philippine Chongji Medical Center, China-Philippines Chinese Medicine Center, Director Zheng Qiming (left and three) signed a contract.

China – Philippine Traditional Chinese Medicine Center provides a cooperation agreement with China-PhilippinestCmcenter on December 9 on December 9, which decided to establish a Philippines Chongji Medical Center. This is the first professional Chinese medicine department in the Philippine Ministry of Health Tradition and Substitute Medical Research Institute issued the Standards Guide of the TCM industry. On March 12 this year, the Philippine Ministry of Health has officially established the Philippine TCM Management Committee, and the qualification certification and standard implementation of Chinese medicine practitioners, and TCM is officially incorporated into the Philippines’ medical and health system. On June 9, the Directorian Director Anna Bell Durzman Medicine, China-Philippine Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, Director Zheng Qiming, director of the doctor, issued the first Chinese medicine practitioner qualification certificate.

The Chongji Medical Center is located in China, Manila, is one of the most important medical centers responsible for overseas Chinese health care. "China-Philippine Chinese Medicine Center" (hereinafter referred to as "central") opened June 17, 2019, located in Mandarlunyung City, Damanira, is approved by Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and approved China National Traditional Chinese Medicine The establishment of the 2018 TCA International Cooperation Special Project is also the first Chinese medicine overseas center construction project in Fujian Province. The center was taken by Dr. Li Canid, the principal of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, asked Zheng Qiming, director of Philippine.

Zheng Qiming accepted the interview of China, China – Philippines Chinese Medicine Center participated in the establishment of the Chongji Hospital TCM department, will provide comprehensive Chinese and Western Medical services for Chinese overseas Chinese, will also make common diseases in the Philippines in Chinese and Western medicine, multiple diseases , Troublesome, explore the direction of Medium-Philippine Medical Cooperation. He said that as a platform for Chinese medicine culture, the center has promoted the general public society in the Philippines for the understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, introducing intelligent Chinese medicine diagnostics and computerized TCM intelligent pharmacies into the Philippines. It is reported that the Philippines Chongji Medical Center hires Zheng Qiming as director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Ministry of Traditional Chinese Medicine will invest in the near future.

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