Sports Park is "hot" 15 minutes in Henan netizens to make life healthier

Sports Park is "hot" 15 minutes in Henan netizens to make life healthier

  In 2013, Zhengzhou City, Zhengdong New District, in 2013, in 2013, Henan Province issued the "Henan Provincial Sports Sports Strong Provincial Plan (2013-2020)", "Outline" clearly strengthens urban and rural sports facilities, Make full use of natural conditions such as parks, green spaces, places and landscapes, construction of public sports facilities and outdoor sports facilities such as gymnasium, and strengthen accessible facilities, and improve the conditions of sports activities in various populations. In July 2015, the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development Sports Industry" issued in Henan Province, it is pointed out that the urban-rural ecological green road and the mountaineering aerobics trail are set up.

In the city road, the riverside roads, the rivers and lakes along the coast, and the two sides of the tourism road is planned to build a green road to the masses, connect the urban and rural residents’ gardens, parks, museums, cultural and artistic centers, nature reserves, scenic spots, history Monument, etc., build a resident fitness casual greenway network. In November 2016, the "13th Five-Year Plan" period announced by Henan Province – "Henan Province National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016-2020)", clearly proposes "Strengthening Site Facilities Construction, Torifying National Fitness Foundation" And proposed that by 2020, the province’s per capita sports field area should reach square meters, and more than 250,000 social sports instructor at all levels, often participate in the number of people in physical exercise reached 35 million goals.

  In January 202, the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of National Fitness and Sports Consumption" in Henan Province, increased the supply of sports space facilities, increase the effective supply of fitness venue facilities, and supplemented the fitness facilities around the people. The short board, reasonable use of park green space, etc. According to the information, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the coverage rate of the urban community in Henan Province, the coverage rate of the peasant sports fitness project of the administrative village has reached 100%, the province’s repairs, transformation, and new 5,500 football venues, the public sports fitness venues are free The low-fee open rate reached 100%.

As of the end of 2020, the province’s 17 provinces and urban areas of Jiyuan Demonstration Zone, all built or built "two three conviodes"; in 105 counties (cities), there are 71 counties (city) urban buildings or At the establishment of "two three-game"; all townships and administrative villages in the province reached 100%, and the urban community built a "15-minute fitness circle".

  Implementation: Sports Park walks into the people’s live diversity venue, the Zhengdong New District of Zhengdong, Zhengdong Sports Park, Zhengdong New District Football Park, Basketball Park; Kaifeng’s Ancient City Sports Park; Luoyang City Sports Park, Wenbo Sports Park, Binbo Sports Park Park; Jiasha River Sports Park, Tianhe Park, Samu Sports Park … Henan Province, the improvement of urban fitness facilities, especially the construction of sports parks.

South Korea: I believe that Wang Jinping and Guo Taiming will stay in the Kuomintang

South Korea: I believe that Wang Jinping and Guo Taiming will stay in the Kuomintang

According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" The Kuomintang benchmark, he believes that the two will insist on stay in the party, "I have confidence."

South Korea said that the Kuomintang’s leader in the Taiwan regional leader is quite fair, fair, disclosed, procedures and mechanisms. For the former Chairman Hong Xiuzhu, the Kuomintang, I would like to choose Tainan City, "Relief Committee", and Han said that he is very moving. After all, there is a big older, and it has been willing to challenge the hardships, and the spirit is touched.

Han was in the Nantou in Nantou, interacted with supporters, and also lifted by the local "Treasury" Xu Shuhua and Ma Wenjun.

Nantou County, Lin Mingqi, also stood in Taiwan, South Korea. He said that Han is now nominating the leaders of the Kuomintang, of course, in the end, Nantou County is very united, and it is very confident to Han.

When Korean Yogui, the industrial area manufacturer and the peasant group talked, the industry mentioned that the mainland tourists went to Taiwan, and the Nantou sightseeing industry was very good, and the Luke said that the land is reduced, but not only Nantou County, but not only Nantou County, but Taiwan. Cross-strait peace, development, communication, do business, send big fortune in line with the two sides of the strait.

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Review self-discipline management commitment

Review self-discipline management commitment

  In order to implement the spirit of the 18th Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session, implement the national Internet information office "According to law network, according to law network, according to law", this website is self-discipline management, and is now open to commitment: First, this website is called a comment service, refers to the use of online interactive communication technology platforms for users to publish comments (including but not limited to voice, text, picture, audio, video and other information). Service.

  Second, this website is committed to making the post to communicate, rational, friendly, and high quality opinions. While driving the development of the business development, strengthen the corresponding information security management capabilities, improve the self-discipline with the post, earnestly fulfill social responsibility, comply with national laws and regulations, respect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and respect the public. Third, this website adheres to the user to register an account with a real identity information, use the post comment service.

  Fourth, this website promises, please sincerely, please use the post to comply with the post that must not pay more attention to the Legal and Regulations, the socialist system, the national interest, the legitimate rights and interests of the socialist system, the national interest, citizenship rights, social public order, moral fashion and information authenticity, etc. "seven bottom lines ".

  5. This website is promised, and all users do not publish the following information: (1) The basic principles of the constitutional determination; (2) Hazard national security, leak state secrets, subverting national regimes, and destroying national unity; (3) Damage to national honors and interests; (4) inciting national hatred, national discrimination, destroying national unity; (5) inciting geographical discrimination, geographical hatred; (6) destroying national religious policies, preaching cults and superstition; (7) Distributed rumors, disrupt social order, destroy social stability; (eight) disseminate obscenity, porn, gambling, violence, murder, horror, or abetment; (9) insulting or slandering others, infringement of others; (10) Others conduct violent intimidation, threats, and implement the human flesh search; (11) The privacy information of the minor’s privacy information was disseminated by the non-adult’s privacy information; (12) disseminating the privacy information of the minor; (12) dissemination Improve social public order; (13) violation of other people’s intellectual property rights; (14) Distribute commercial advertisements, or similar commercial recruitment information; (fifteen) Use other languages ??and texts other than language text other than this website; (Ten 6) There is no relationship with the information comment; (sevente) The information published is meaningless, or deliberately uses the character combination to escape the technical review; (18) other information prohibited from propagation . 6. For users who violate the above commitments, this website will take a pre-warning, refuse to release, delete, short-term prohibition, etc. The post will be preserved in the case, and the report is reported to be reported in the investigation of relevant government departments.

  Seven, this website promises to improve the public report platform, welcome users to supervise all kinds of wrong communication activities and illegal harmful information to create a clear network space.

Commitment: Liaocheng News Network.

Urgent, hope that Guizhou Shi Bingyi netizen father and son are seriously ill, help the local multi-sector relay help

Urgent, hope that Guizhou Shi Bingyi netizen father and son are seriously ill, help the local multi-sector relay help

Reply screenshot.After confirming that the basic situation is true, on June 18th, the Party Committee of Shibing County Town Party Committee held a meeting of the situation reflected by Mr. Long, agreed to the report of the county discipline committee to implement a major illness and low security policy measures according to procedures.On June 21st, Shi Bing County reminded that Mr. Long is submitted to some major illness and rescue application materials, and it can be settled after being settled to the medical treatment.

On June 23, Ganxi Village, Chengguan Town held a low-security assessment meeting, incorporating the patients in the rural low-warrant guarantee, and completed the 7-day publicity and the county civil affairs bureau approval process.Since July, Mr. Mr. Laolifa is sick, two people can enjoy 467 yuan per month.On July 8th, the platform of "Southeastern Secretary of the Southeastern Secretary" will reply to the above-mentioned information on the list of people’s online leaders, and explain to Mr. Long, "Chengguan Town will implement you to track your tracking monitoring.Prevent the poor due to illness. "

Tongzhou inspection electric bicycle business two stores suspected of illegally assembling electric car

Tongzhou inspection electric bicycle business two stores suspected of illegally assembling electric car

Original title: Two stores suspected of illegally assembling electric vehicles were checked for this news (Reporter Wang Wei) seat size exceeded the standard, unauthorized installation bracket … Recently, Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau investigated two suspected illegal assembled electric bicycle stores. On the day of law enforcement, many law enforcement officers in the Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau and the fire department came to Xinhua South Road, and synchronized several electric bicycle merchants on the west side of the road.

Enter a store that specializes in the electric vehicle, law enforcement personnel first checked business qualification information, requiring all of the recent purchase bills and sales records, and carefully check the real name registration of vehicle purchases.

  Enter the store in the rear of the store, law enforcement officers discovered electric bicycles in the corners of the north side of the warehouse, which is the camera monitoring record in the store. In the monitor, I saw the clerk to remove the picture of the installation accessory next to the car.

"This clerk is the necessary installation necessary to carry out the vehicle, or to modify the vehicle, we will make further investigations.

"The law enforcement officers who participated in the inspection on the same day said.

In the inspection, law enforcement officers also found that the seat cushions of the two electric bicycles did not meet the length of less than 35 cm, and the electric bicycles were registered in accordance with the law, waiting for further identification of the testing mechanism. In a electric bicycle store named Green, law enforcement personnel saw three models of "fit" electric bicycles, and the tail of the two cars was mounted with a metal triangle bracket, but the tail of another car was not installed.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of law enforcement personnel. After verifying with the listing instruction manual, it is further verified from the manufacturer, and there is no accessory of any similar bracket after the vehicle production. The vehicle installing a metal bracket suspected of illegally fighting modified behavior.

The Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau will further investigate and review the manufacturer, once it is determined to be violated, it will be seriously processed in accordance with relevant regulations.

  According to reports, on September 20th, the Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau held a special meeting to fully deploy electric bicycle supervision, and the relevant departments canceled the on weekend and launched a comprehensive exploration of electric bicycle business units in the district. "We have fully strengthened the supervision of electric bicycle business units through centralized discussions, signing a notebook, signing the regulatory business commitment, and the peak night check, etc., and requires operators to establish electric bicycle purchase information registration system and operating electric bicycle varieties. The case system is made, thereby strengthening electric bicycle information traceability. "Liu Rui, Science and Technology, Quality and Safety Supervision, Tongzhou District, China

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The biting goal is firmly determined to decisively dispose of accurate Metech struggle to win the whole victory, a drum is resolute, win the upper, the epidemic, prevention and control, the war

The biting goal is firmly determined to decisively dispose of accurate Metech struggle to win the whole victory, a drum is resolute, win the upper, the epidemic, prevention and control, the war

  On November 13th, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Yihong came to the provincial epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters, and the command dispatched the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.

He emphasized that we must conscientiously study the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and in-depth implementation of the important instructions of General Secretary of Popping on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, fully implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council deployment requirements, in accordance with the work requirements of the State Council’s jointly-defense mechanism, The target, firm determination, decisive disposal, precision Metei, fight to the end, win the whole victory, a drum is resolute and win the upper and raised epidemic prevention and control to prevent the battle, struggling to seize the province’s normal epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development double victory. Provincial Party Deputy Secretary, Leng Jianchun, the provincial government.

Wu Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee attended that the deputy governor and the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters frontline command center commander Sun Jiheng attended the registration meeting.

  Easy to refine red, listened to the front-line command center of the provincial epidemic prevention and control command, report on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and affirmed the results of the resulting stage work. Yi Jinghong pointed out that the leading mountain sudden epidemic, the province has rapid action, decisive disposal, especially the major grassroots party members, medical workers, volunteers, public security police and related counties and counties responsible comrades always fight in front, day and night hard work Active efforts, do their duties, loyal to their duties, unite, all the spiritual city, and go all out to prevent the spread of the epidemic from spreading, spilling, and have made a lot of fruitful work. Up to now, the entire epidemic is generally controlled. Easy to refine red, currently, Shangrao epidemic prevention and control enters the key stage, we have to bite the target and firmly determine. Seriously, resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the prevention and control of the epidemic, strictly implement the total strategy of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", adhere to the "external defense input is key, the early put it is the key, no proliferation is the bottom line, Zero New is the goal, "effectively improve the political station, determined to determine the responsibility, strengthen the leadership, compaction work responsibility, keep the strength, do not lose, carry forward the fine style of continuous combat, make persistent efforts, cooperate to attack, from the fast Have a good win-winning epidemic prevention and control and attack war. Easy to reflee, emphasize, decisively dispose, accurate Member.

Lead Mountain County must resolutely promote the "Clear Cleaning", continue to increase the sealing area, control area investigation, further strict prevention and control measures, and adjust the risk level in time according to the outcome of the epidemic situation, and achieve clearing as soon as possible. Shangrao City, especially Xinzhou District, to fully promote the "sienetsis", from strict strengthening social epidemic prevention and control, doing finely adding case infection, inspection and control, discovery, one encirclement, Resolutely do not leave after suffering, do not leave the dead end, let the epidemic in the end as soon as possible.

Other districts, counties (cities, districts) in the province, should always be tightened to prevent this string, timely check risk, make up shortboard, plugging the hole, scientific and accurate and pragmatism. The relevant departments and places should be solidified in the preservation of the preservation of the sealing area. While strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic, we will do our best to do a good job in mass living materials to ensure that transportation vehicles such as life materials is unimpeded to ensure high efficiency of logistics distribution. It is necessary to increase human care, psychological counseling, and respond to social concerns in time, and maintain the normal production and life order of the masses as much as possible.

  Easy to reflee, emphasize, to fight, to win the whole victory.

The more important, the more you must adhere to the persistence, you must never have slightly, you must adhere to the winner, strive for fighting, not winning, never transfer, and ensure the safety of people and health.

It is necessary to further press the "four parties" responsibilities, and make details of all work measures, and do the responsibility of the defender, the defenders are responsible, and the soil responsibility will never allow any one of the links to any unit and personal "hanging empty block" " Chain, adhere to both hands, hard to ensure the national economic and social development target task, struggling to capture the province’s normalized epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development double victory.

  Ye Jianchun pointed out that in-depth implementation of the important instructions of General Secretary, General Secretary, on the prevention and control of epidemic, fully implemented the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee, the provincial government’s work requirements, speed up the short board, plugging the hole, quickly cut off the spread Chain, strict adaptors, sub-adhesive traceability and precise control work, solidly do a good job in the service work of the sealing area, control area, and decline the first-line medical worker and the grassroots staff, the group of group, from the speed Fast, win the uproots and preventive and control and prevent the battle.

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Snowy hero road

Snowy hero road

Recommended reading researchers launched whether drugs or diet is more effective in reshaping nutrient sensation and other metabolic pathways, as well as whether the interaction between drugs and diet makes it more effective. 2021-11-1810: 48 Due to the technical means, it is difficult to identify individual star-collagen in living animals, and the dynamic process of recording the calcium signals of the star cells can be synchronized throughout the learning memory.

2021-11-1810: 46 Red Handless Punch will make the compressive force and friction of the finger tip together, so that the speed is maximized, and the impact wave generated makes the finger to issue a signature "" sound. 2021-11-1810: 34 The main author said: "For a long time, triglene molecules have not been synthesized in crystalline because it will be aggregated.

2021-11-1810: 03 During the infection, the vs. VHH antibody is also demonstrated to relieve symptoms, inhibit viral proliferation, and thus the VHH antibody can not only be used as therapeutic drug, but also may have a preventive action.

2021-11-1810: 02 To better understand these rarely described complexes, the team studied similar proteins and determined new discovery proteins based on the newly discovered protein interaction with previously known proteins. Role.

2021-11-1810: 01 Recently, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yue, Xu Yue, a second case of HIV, and Self-healing. 2021-11-1810: 00 Researchers said that there is significant differences in isomeric diversity of specific genes between human and mouse brains, and huge changes between fetus and adult cortias have also shown that selective splicing is important in neurological development. effect. 2021-11-1809: 58 According to the British "New Scientist" magazine report, IBM claims that it has developed a quantum computer "eagle" that runs 127 quantum bits, which is the world’s largest super Guaranum computer. 2021-11-1809: October 18, 201, 18, China Academy of Sciences, the official website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the results of choice of academiciases, produced 65 academicians and 25 Chinese Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Academician. 2021-11-1809: 45 This year is the 10th anniversary of the implementation of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum. The reporter learned from the China Science and Technology Museum that, in the past 10 years, the project has distributed 566 scientific exhibition resources, and the 4682 station in 1888 county-level administrative districts across the country, serving the public 100 million, and promoting science public services are remarkable.

2021-11-1809: 45 Using network disk services, transmission rate and publicity speed are serious; network disk upload download data is limited, do not buy members unable to advance … With the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligent equipment, file information, Personal data assets such as photo videos are stored in the network disk, which has become a habit of many users.

2021-11-1809: 44 Next China Petrochemical Preparing for the development and engineering design of millions of tons of crude oil steam cracking in Xinjiang Tak River, built "oil conversion" industrial demonstration device. 2021-11-1809: 41 The industry is generally believed that the carbon neutral and industry chain is large, involving "front-end strengthening energy structural adjustment – mid-end enhancement energy conservation and emission reduction level – backend enhancement resource recycling" multiple links.

2021-11-1809: 39 Cai Jiaguan No.1 Tunnel is underway to wear nursery tunnels and railway and high-risk project construction, and the project department has also installed tunnel safety alarm systems. 2021-11-1809: 32 "Escape" in the real world is verified, for example, the above-mentioned two multinational pharmacter’s candidate drugs also displayed at the Delta variant in the test results. escape. Xie Xiaoliang said, I hope that my country’s new crown special medicinal medicines developed soon. 2021-11-1809: 31 Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, realizing a diversified wear device, taking the monitoring these capabilities open to all services.

2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy.

2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist. 2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment.

The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud. 2021-11-1710: 49.

Sichuan Province’s next grain market subsidy special funds 249 million yuan per mu 80 yuan subsidy increased nearly twice

Sichuan Province’s next grain market subsidy special funds 249 million yuan per mu 80 yuan subsidy increased nearly twice

  ● Since this year, Sichuan Province has a large grain of grain, and the grain subsidy measurement standard will increase to 80 yuan / mu.

This policy will be implemented for a long time, allowing food users to address the rising agricultural prices and other impacts, ensuring that the grain has reasonable benefits ● Subsidy objects (including wheat, rice, corn, potato, green, buckwheat, etc.) Size production operators, focusing on grain farmers, family farms, land share cooperatives, farmers professional cooperatives, agricultural social service organizations, leading enterprises and other new operating subjects ● Subsidies mainly through project mode support, take the first purchase, first After the construction, the method of subsidized after first implementation.

It is possible to determine the specific subsidy standard according to the subsidy amount of the subsidy. "Too good, this year, the subsidy of grain is doubled, and our urgent needs." On November 10, I learned that the Sichuan grain subsidies increased The various grain farmers in Wangzhu Village, Xinlu Town, Sanping County, Mianyang City, are happy to say happily.

  The reporter learned from the provincial agricultural rural relations, in order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of grain, the company’s subsidiaries, the subsidy of the subsidy of the next grain, the calculation criteria for the subsidies of the grain market will increase from the past yuan / mu to 80 yuan / mu, quite In addition to the increase of twice the increase.

  Why? The cost of grain has risen, and the subsidy is designed to stabilize food production. It is the critical time of Sichuan Xiaochun Plant, but the price of agricultural resources has risen to make all local farmers.

  First, it is a fertilizer.

Affected by factors such as raw material rising, the price of fertilizer has soared this year, and urea rises from around 2000 yuan from last year to more than 3,400 yuan, and the average increase of all kinds of composite fertilizers is 40% -50%. "Each acre of photochemical cost is increased by about 50 yuan.

Chen Qianmao, a large grain, a large grain, a large grain, a large grain, a large grain, a large grain, is also rising in oil prices, and labor costs.

"Oil prices rose from more than 7 yuan from last year, the cost of planting in machine farming is more than 20 yuan per mu." Gansheng counted, this year’s small spring planting more than 140 acres of rapeseed and wheat, various expenditures, each acre Input increased by 150-200 yuan, "Xiaochun, this season, it will be good." It is better than the high planting costs, this year’s rice prices have declined. "The price of rice fell in a yuan / catties over last year, and the earlier income is reduced by more than 100 yuan.

Liao Xinghua, a large grain household in Jinhua Village, Lianshan Town, Guanghan City, said. "The grain benefits are low, which will brown the enthusiasm of farmers. "The relevant person in charge of the provincial agricultural rural residents said that Sichuan is a grain, and the responsibility is responsible for the heavy food safety. In the early days, Sichuan Province has proposed to press the government responsibility to press the solid local government, and implement the grain security party and government matsu. Further stability of food production, from this year, Sichuan Province has a large grain of the grain in more than 30 acres, and the grain subsidies will be increased to 80 yuan / mu.

"This policy will be implemented for a long time, allowing food users to respond to impact and other impacts in agricultural prices, guaranteeing a rational income of the grain." The person in charge said that the move will also enhance the planned scale of food in the province and effectively curb the land. "Non – food" "Non – Agrochemical".

  At present, provincial fiscal funds have been issued to 21 cities (state). According to the requirements, various localities must formulate specific implementations, clear subsidies, subsidies, implementation requirements and regulatory measures, and strengthen project management, performance evaluation and social supervision.

  Who replenish? How much grain area is more than 30 acres, how to use the grain farmer to benefit the food sales subsidy? "It is necessary to benefit from large grain.

"The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural House pointed out that subsidy objects (including wheat, rice, corn, potato, green, buckwheat, etc.), focusing on grain farmers, family farms, land share cooperatives , Farmers’ professional cooperatives, agricultural social service organizations, leading enterprises and other new operating subjects are tilted. Among them, the food area of ??more than 30 acres is a basic threshold.

  How to use funds? According to the requirements, major technical promotion, social services, cash, and loan interests, etc. may be implemented.

"One of the principles is that the method of operation is easy to regulate.

"The relevant person in charge of the planting industry and pesticide fertilizer department in the province, the subsidy is mainly supported by project mode, and the first purchase after the first purchase, first built the next time, first implementation method.

It is possible to determine the specific subsidy standard according to the subsidy amount. As an example of cash, the subsidy standard will be different due to the direct link to the local grain planting area. For example, Sanji County, a large grain subsidy, $ 2.5 million than last year. Changjing Yong, a shares of Sanzhong County Agricultural Rural Bureau, is currently more than 50,000 mu of food scale in more than 30 acres of the county. The standard of grain sales subsidies last year is yuan / mu, which is expected to reach 80 yuan / acre this year. . There are also some regions to consider subsidizing significant technology promotion and social services.

"The total amount of funds this year is more than 2 million higher than last year, but the standard of cash directly does not necessarily increase significantly.

Xiao Xuelian, director of Dazhou County Agricultural Comprehensive Service Technology Center, on the one hand, the county’s food scale operating area increased more than 10,000 mu, the amount of funds increased, but the plate is also bigger; on the other hand, local considerations Funds are used to implement social services such as concentrated breeding, machine plug (broadcast) operation. "Whether it takes, farmers will feel the real benefits.

Xiao Xuelian said. After learning the increase in the subsidies of the food, there have been farmers to start actions. The food division of the Xinmin Village in Baicheng Town, Quxi County said that the small spring sowing is over, I plan to find a few hundred acres of field, for next year. Making preparation, "Now there are more subsidies, we have confidence in grain. "(Reporter Shi Xialu) [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].

Russian media: An installation with 7 people

Russian media: An installation with 7 people

People’s Network Moscow November 3 (Li Mingqi Zhang Cui) According to Tasshi, the Siberian Airlines Rescue Center said to the media, an An-12 transport plane from Yakutsk to Irkask in Irkask Airport.Some of the remains of some victims have been found.

It was confirmed by the Russian Emergency Department that there were 7 people on the machine.Some news is called Russia, Belarus and Ukrainian citizens.It is reported that the aircraft performs a completion in the Irkask Airport, and then disappears from radar, crashed and fired, and the fire area of 300 square meters.

The plane is affiliated to the "Grodno" airline in Belarus, which has served for more than 53 years.According to sources, a series of inspections were carried out before the safety of the An-12 take-off, and the technical status was in good condition.Currently, the local investigation committee has criminalized the accident.(Editor: Li Mingqi, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

Repair soldiers are also a top bullet

Repair soldiers are also a top bullet

It is recommended to read the public should continue to maintain a good hygiene habit, adhere to the scientific prevention of masks, vaccination, hard-working, no gathering, etc. 2021-12-1320: 56 During the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled, If some athletes are diagnosed with new crown viruses, how will I accept isolation? 2021-12-1320: 55 Starbucks China responded that it has been concerned about the report of two stores in Wuxi Xingbark.

The problem of food safety involved in the report is deeply shocked, and this incident is highly concerned. "2021-12-1320: 55" Previously checked the health of the canteen, the administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of the employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in the case, and the process is cumbersome.

"2021-12-1318: 52 Recently, Fudan University’s Intelligent Complex System Basic Theory and Key Technology Laboratory Professor I showed the dynamic brain when the human brain was executed and listened to music. Network complex kinetic characteristics.

2021-12-1315: 5213, my country’s Long March series launched rocket ushered in the 400th launch, the Long March 4 B-loaded rocket successfully sent Practice No. 6 05 group satellite into space, satellite will be used to carry out spatial environmental detection and New technology test verification. 2021-12-1315: 42 In the promotion of "carbon peaks, carbon neutronia" double carbon objects, China’s new energy vehicles have handed over the transcripts of the production and sales. 2021-12-1315: At 16 o’clock on the 9th, 16th, the teachers from the space – Shenzhou No. 13 Take the Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu are in the big screen, the "Tiangong Classroom" space teaching activities unveiled . 2021-12-1314: 53 National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center (CNCERT), China Network Space Security Association Recently issued "APP illegal and illegal collection and analysis of personal information monitoring and analysis report". 2021-12-1314: 15 and the past, only give money to help the incubation technology, Weng Yong hit more about helping the research results to find the market, helping the company to find technology and let the tripartite form a community. 2021-12-1314: 05 Using renewable energy electrolyte hydrogen is considered to be one of the most feasible strategies of high-purity hydrogen production, but due to the shortage of fresh water resources, electrolysis seawater has become a research hotspot. 2021-12-1313: 51 In July this year, Liu Yi team acquired the first global carbon flux data set and map of China’s carbon satellite. This marked that my country has the space of global carbon payments, and Japan, The third country after the United States has the country.

2021-12-1313: 41 Li Yanhong said that my country has leading scientific and technological talent bonuses, with rich artificial intelligent application scenarios, with unparalleled good policy environments, China’s intelligent transportation development must go in the forefront of the world. 2021-12-1309: 41 For example, you can sell equipment in the game, sell your identity, in the Yuancosian, the equipment and identity, we can understand the real estate of the Yuan Universe as an alternative equipment and identity . 2021-12-1309: 41 Ski Ski Daji, also known as "Xue Fei Tian", located in the new Shougang Park in Beijing Shijingshan, is the only snow competition in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. 2021-12-1309: 31 Drinking your milk will drink probiotics into your stomach, these probiotics are actually "living biothermal", which is conducive to our gastrointestinal motility. 2021-12-1309: 24 According to a study published on the 10th of Nature · Electronics, Finnish researchers have developed a circuit that can generate high-quality microwave signals required to control quantum computers at temperatures close to absolute zero. .

2021-12-1309: 23 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome." 2021-12 -1309: 21 Protein Structure Prediction is an important "holy cup" of biology, and is also one of the most popular research in the field of artificial intelligent falling life sciences.

2021-12-1309: 20 The Shougang Ski Billet in Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched the snow work on the 12th.

The first steel skiing platform in Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched snow work on the 12th. 2021-12-1313: 56.