The bridge has a good thing, and the road to the masses in Jiangxi is getting wider.

The bridge has a good thing, and the road to the masses in Jiangxi is getting wider.

"The big thing of the heart, the concern of the people". After more than ten years of development, Jiangxi Province, City, County (district), and the people’s leadership message board has become the main channel of the province’s party office system to practice online mass lines.

Adhere to the people thinking about the masses, the urgency of the people, solve the people’s sleepy, the "Lianxiang Bridge" is "urgent and expectant", the road to the online people work in Jiangxi. "School History" is actually in March this year, Fei Liang County Netizen Message reflects that the drainage pipeline of the Lague Expressway is often blocked, bringing many inconvenience to the local people. On April 1, the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee sent a verification letter to the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Transport. The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Transportation immediately blamed Jiangxi Provincial Trading Group immediately made rectification of the slope drainage ditch in the road. On May 10th, netizens have been solved after the problem is solved: "The problem reflected in the problem is solved. The people call, there must be something! The interests of the masses are not small, you have done it." February, have hearing equipment Candidates reflect the difficulties in the interview of the participating teachers’ qualification exam. The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education actively coordinates the provincial disability, and the provincial partnership is a professional sign language translation. On May 15, candidates successfully used the teacher’s qualification interview.

On May 16th, the masses were got about the message after the problem solving: "On the thirty-first national to help the remains, I would like to thank the leaders of the Education Department to solve the problems facing the teacher qualification certificate of our test, guaranteeing me. The reasonable interests reflect the positive energy of the national helper.

"Since the development of the party history, the General Office of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee has launched the" online listening to the public ", the public" practice activities, the members of the Office rely on the provincial party secretary channel and the people’s network "Leading Message Board" platform, Netizen phone is connected, listening to the appeal, claiming the supervision of key messages, and promoting the city and county party office to actively practice online mass route.

Listing supervision against the key issues such as medical treatment, demolition and resettlement, traffic travel, water use gas, for emergency and special reflection, timely open green channel, special affairs.

Since the establishment of the party history education activities, as of the end of May, netizens received 72% of the message to the Provincial Party Secretary to the Provincial Party Committee.

"By having a good news of netizens, solve people’s livelihood problems, absorb the procurement and suggestions, and strive to create a new era of" first "first work" in a broad practice of the people.

The relevant person in charge of the General Office of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee said.

"Listening to the people", the channel has become an ubiquitous network, and the people of the people have become an important channel and platform for the masses to reflect the problem, and they have also become an important way for leading cadres to learn about social relations. Listening to public opinion is the premise of achieving effective decisions. In order to achieve barrier-free communication, the Yichun Municipal Committee of the People’s Republic of China has focused on the implementation of the "People’s Running Road, Information Service Sleeping" through the implementation of the rigorous system, and the expressway. "Through the sale number, full tracking, daily carding, daily report, regular reply, etc., to ensure that the netizens have a valid message to handle the parts, everything is falling. True to make the masses do not go out, don’t see, don’t visit, It is difficult to solve difficulties without finding relationships. "Said the relevant person in charge of the Yichun City Committee. The Cangzhou Municipal Committee of the People’s Municipal Committee took the message of the public as a book, and the appeal of the masses was home. Listening to the people and doing the addition, Zhangzhou also explores the "People’s Channel +" model, and the process will take the process as an important way to promote the interpretation of the policies and promote grassroots governance.

The reform is carried out to make subtraction, improve the process, put forward clear handling requirements in the sending system, so that the organizer can follow the blindness, effectively, the base "reduced burden".

"Where the law should be", the piece has a radio.

In the work of the People’s Network "Leading Message Board" work, the Pingxiang Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee has achieved "three", ie, "there is a special person to accept, there is a registration account, have analyzed and judgment", and smooth the channel Ensuring that the people can accept each piece of appeal, there is a sound.

Starting in January 2021, Pingxiang Municipal Party Committee Minsheng Channel arranged a special business day to browse the People’s Network "Leadership Board" in the morning of the morning, instant acceptance, realization.

Yichun Fengcheng City, the township (street), department (unit) clarified a responsible comrades and two full-time staff, establishing WeChat work group, once received a reflection, immediately in the WeChat group Pre-wellness.

Listening to the people to do secondary seconds, coordinating, constructing the city’s up and down work, and left and right working patterns.

"Condot the people" to promote the convenience and cost advantage of the "People’s Voice Channel", which facilitates the people’s reflection and suggestions, but also allows the party committee government to intervene in contradictory disputes, build effective social "shock absorbers" and "Stabilizer".

In April this year, there were people reflected in the 2006 Yichun Auto Shipping Company, the original 202 team office building and the staff dormitory. Due to the construction of the butterfly lake sports park in Nanchang City, the resettlement house for the dismantling compensation has not been able to handle the real estate license issue, ten It has not been resolved for many years, which has a great contradiction dispute and social problem.

After receiving the reflection, the Yichun City Committee of the Yichun City was reported to understand the situation to the relevant department of Yichun City. Timely find the problem of problem, and finally discovered the problem to solve many sectors involved in Yichun, Nanchang, and immediately reported the provincial level and promoted, the problem Successfully resolved. Since this year, Yichun Municipal Committee of the People’s Republic of China has a total of 105 people involving housing, enrollment, medical treatment, travel, trial, and netizens. "The justice requirements for netizens, the first time transfer; for some of the universal issues, to give a non-aimation, by solving a batch of purpose.

"Pingxiang Municipal Committee, the relevant person in charge said. Recently, Pingxiang City has received three consecutive issues in 4 consecutive issues within 4 months.

The Pingxiang Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee passed the analysis of the analysis and judging, and the community construction problem was completely combed, one and "packaged processing", which was completely solved.

There is no longer, many people have been listed on the people’s network leadership board, reflecting the prices of Liquidified gas in the Town Times, the Town Times, and other places are meta / cubic meters, high quality.

On the basis of earnestly reflecting the problem of high quality of liquefied gas prices, Jingdezhen Municipal Committee, the people’s 14 communities, the city’s universal, diagnosis, and tendency, and investigate the unified resolution of such issues.

I have a reply, respond, and resolve a series of people’s livelihood problems. "Solving the people" is difficult to deploy, and the nine points will be implemented.

Do a good job in "Leadership Board" for the People’s Network, the purpose is to implement, verify that it is necessary to solve the problem, and the contradiction is appreciated.

For the masses through the leadership message board, Nanchang Donghu District adheres to the first time to accept, the first time verification, the first time, the first time feedback, the deadline 5-7 working days Reply, significant or emergency Then ask the quick check to run, reply in time.

The farmer’s market hydropower installation project arrears the migrant workers, large hospitals, schools and other public service places and around "parking difficult, parking is expensive", and a community is in violation of the rules … In recent years, under the supervision of the Donghu District Committee, a large group of people The problem is solved. For the case of the case, the area also regularly launches "look back", takes no greeting, random sampling, on-site inspection, account review, etc.

In March 2020, the third phase of the new city of Honggu New City in Nanchang City, the four owners reflected in the people’s channel. In 2012, I have not given the owners for the owners for the owners’ water contribution card, because there is no payment Card, 2835 owners have never been able to pay the water fee normally, and you can’t query your own water information. It is very inconvenient.

After receiving the reflection, the New Area Committee Soundtong Channel Studio immediately passed the project retrieval housing and construction bureau. The same area of ??the District Housing and Construction Bureau convened the Hongcheng Water Group, the developer, and the construction unit and other relevant units held a coordination meeting.

Through high-frequency negotiation, repeated communication, dragging for eight years of people’s livelihood problems finally got better resolution.

For the historical legacy of the masses, the historical legacy of the newly built, the new district committee acoustic channel studio innovation "three one" work method: a "guide" grab, a "center" to grasp the responsibility, a "active" to grasp. Promote the problem to be resolved smoothly. The person in charge of the people of the district said, adheres to the problem-oriented, tightly "people-oriented" development thoughts, the initiative to coordinate after the letter, the studio "Do not take the hand, do not take the hand", focus on supervision, track supervision, notification supervision Ensuring the final resolution of people’s livelihood issues. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Shuai Shi).

Shuangfu Street: Resident Certification Social Security Service has temperature

Shuangfu Street: Resident Certification Social Security Service has temperature

  People’s Network Chongqing November 16th, for realizing the standard distribution, scientific management, sustainable development of urban and rural residents’ social pension insurance, Jiangjin District Shuangfu Street, Hengbi Community, "I have practical things for the masses", active Use field certification, online certification, door-to-door certification, and solidify the qualification certification of urban and rural residents’ social pension insurance benefits.

  Community staff through WeChat, telephone, posting notice, comprehensive promotion of the content, meaning, policies and regulations of qualification certification, and raising the awareness rate of the residents of the jurisdiction, and residents who live in people in other places in people, through the phone, WeChat notifies the individual to ensure that the authentication is completed in time in the valid time node.

  Community also actively guides residents to use WeChat applet "Electronic Social Security Card", or download "Chongqing Human Society" Approach to survive certification, hand hand-handed church resident, patiently answer residents, ensure that every one came to consult And certified residents can grasp the certification process in time.

  In response to partial age, inconvenient residents, community carrying handheld certificates for door-to-door certification, and guide the residents or resident children to complete the certification through mobile phones, which greatly facilitates the certification object, truly "let information multi-run" Let the people run less legs ", earnestly open the" last kilometer "of the people.

  Through this work, the community ensures that the majority of residents can enjoy pensions on time and full.

Since this year, the Shengbi Community has handled qualified certification for more than 1,000 retirement of more than 1,000 pension treatment, including more than 1,000 people to help the city’s foreign retirees and 2 people.

(Liu Zhengning, Wu Maoyu) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Twee Britse hoofdfregat geven Griekenland

Twee Britse hoofdfregat geven Griekenland

De 23-type 23-type richtlijnen van 23-type van de Britse Royal Navy worden aan Griekenland gegeven, als onderdeel van "zoete handel" en andere "zoete handel" te koop aan de Griekse marine. Volgens het magazine "British National Defense", nodigde ik de tijden uit, "Montmouth" en "Monteros", zullen twee Britse fregat worden overgedragen aan de Griekse marine om Babkkk International te helpen. Win het Grieks waard honderden miljarden contracten. Bouw een Nieuwe fregat en upgrade de Griekse vloot.

In maart dit jaar, na het Britse ministerie van Defensie, zullen de "Monteros" en "Montmouth" 23 fregat van tevoren worden gepensioneerd.

Op dit moment wordt de "Monteross" nog steeds ingezet in het Midden-Oosten, maar het is gepland om in 2022 terug te keren naar het VK, dat vijf jaar vóór het oorspronkelijke plan is. Een andere "Montmouth" is eind juni dit jaar met pensioen gegaan en er zijn momenteel 12 fregatten in de Koninklijke Koninklijke Navy.

Volgens rapporten biedt Babkko de Griekse marine aan de Griekse marine, "pijl 140" – type universeel fregat, dat de ontwerpstichting is van het fregat van 31-type. Volgens de verklaring van het bedrijf heeft de Britse Royal Navy "pijl 140" gekozen als een fregat van 31-type.

Het bedrijf zet zich in voor het ondersteunen van Griekse bedrijven in de lokale constructie en het monteren van nieuwe fregat, upgrade-infrastructuur, het vergroten van de lokale werkgelegenheid, overdrachtstechnologie.

(Editor: Chen Yu, Liu Yuanyuan) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Shenzhen launches domestic garbage classification law enforcement action to open two penalty

Shenzhen launches domestic garbage classification law enforcement action to open two penalty

Original title: Shenzhen carried out domestic garbage sorting law enforcement action garbage ambiguity to release two penaltimes September 6, Shenzhen City Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau launched a special law enforcement action in Bao’an District. The diagram shows the law enforcement person to punish the community that is not in place in the garbage classification.

Shenzhen Commercial Daily reporter Liao Wancheng photo "Shenzhen City Domestic Waste Classification Regulations" officially implemented a first anniversary. From now until the end of the year, Shenzhen launched a special action for domestic garbage sorting law enforcement in the city, in September is a concentrated law enforcement stage of special actions, will continue to launch three law enforcement weeks, respectively, respectively, residential areas, key places and collection The illegal behavior of the company is investigated. At 10 am, on the morning of September 10, the classification of the classification and put in the first door of Xing Yuehao, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, and the reporter saw that there were many leftovers leftovers in the kitchen trash can cover. In response to the illegal act of "unable to maintain garbage collection containers", law enforcement officers issued a notice to Shenzhen Cai Jie Cleaning Co., Ltd.

  Xinqiao Sub-district Office Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Office (Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team) Cui Chengyuan said, "We have sent a notice to the community on September 5, 2021, and we have sent a notice of rectification of rectification, and we demand that the community is on the same day. 5:00 Before you change the garbage barrel, there is no tidy, and there is a garbage of a whole process. It is already 10 o’clock in the morning of September 6, 2021, has not been rectified, and it has been suspected of violating the "Shenzhen City Domestic Waste Classification Management Regulations" .

"Subsequently, law enforcement officers have opened the second part of the rectification notice in Yusheng Huating Community.

Before a classified placement point in this community, the garbage collection container here is equally dirty, and there is a box without categorized garbage being disposed outside the trash.

Xinqiao Sub-district Office Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Office (Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team) Xiong Xianjun introduced that law enforcement officers have issued a notice of rectification to the community in the community, but when I came to the scene on September 6, I found the scene. Nor rectified.

  According to Article 21 of the Regulations, the Xinqiao Sub-district offices serve as the law enforcement entity, according to law, according to the law, the property management company of Xing Yuehao and Yusheng Huating, 2000 yuan.

  Liu Yuanxi, deputy director of the Shenzhen Domestic Waste Classification Management Office, said that from September 6th, Shenzhen will further increase the efforts of garbage sortment.

Among them, from September 6th to September 26, the illegal behavior of residential areas, key venues and collection and processing enterprises were investigated. (Reporter Wencan) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Reproduce the South China Green Porcelain "Horse"

Reproduce the South China Green Porcelain "Horse"

Original title: Reproduce the Southern Song Dynasty Qing Porcelain "Matsu" Liu Jie is engraved in the studio in Longquan, Zhejiang, to imitate the row on "horse" (March 7).

  Zhejiang Longquan Youth Pottery Master Liu Jie, since 2019, the famous disabilities "Horse" in the Southern Song Dynasty Longquan kiln since 2019.

With the opportunity of "Horse" to China, he went to the Beijing Forbidden City and the Zhejiang Museum to observe, widely benefit from experts, repeated grinding and glaze, and made "nails" with Longquan local purple golden soil. Distort the charm of "horse station". Liu Jie said: "’Horse station" is a witness to China and Japanese cultural exchanges. I hope to reproduce it, I will experience the ancients of the ancients. "" Horse "is a Longquan kiln that is brought to Japan during the Southern Song Dynasty. The ceramic sunflower is brought back in Ming Dynasty. In 2019, "Ma Yisheng" with "Tianxia Longquan-Longquan Clear Porcelain and Globalization" exhibition has been exhibited in Beijing Forbidden City and Zhejiang Museum.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Yuyu.

Shanghai News 60 days white hair change? "Three no" brunette products have cheated nearly a thousand people

Shanghai News 60 days white hair change? "Three no" brunette products have cheated nearly a thousand people

Morning News reporter Rong Simica, Yangpu police smashed a gang with short video platform to release false shopping advertisements, and then implemented fraud through the network social platform, and arrested 54 suspects, involving nearly 1,000 victims across the country. More than 10 million yuan in the case.

Name 60 Days, Breakfast In August this year, Yangpu police found that someone used the online short video platform to release the so-called "black hair health products" advertisement, claiming to "hundred years inherit" hair care mechanism, and attract traffic with this Further fraud is implemented through the network social platform.

Under the guidance of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yangpu police immediately set up a task force to conduct investigations. According to the survey, the criminal system issued a drainage advertisement through a short video platform, claiming that its product is "less white" gospel, claiming to take 60 days, letting white hair directly "return", is "Chinese medicine family, streaming Jinfang" .

After attracting the victim’s concern and adding related network social platform accounts, criminals pretend to be a professional physician, with "online diagnosis", issued a "professional report", and obtain the victim trust, then the victim "hair follicle is not smooth" "" liver kidney is not good " "" Need to regulate "is caused by the restriction of the victim online shopping so-called breeding Chinese herbal cream, flowing Jinfang tea, physiotherapy foot post and other products.

After the victim’s useless uselessness, it is necessary to tailor the "hair loss" plan adjustment, etc., once again market the so-called "health products" to implement fraud, each fraud amount Yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The encounter of ladies in the hair is not black, and the victim of the sci-edema is very typical. On July this year, she was pushed to a "black hair health product" advertisement when brushed a short video of a platform. The video is known: You can spend a lot of money to let the white hair turn black, and will not return it again before the age of 60. Although it is not over 40 years old, Ms. Zhang has many white hair, and the promise in the advertisement can not help but make her feel movement, so it adds the micro signal displayed in the video. Subsequently, a WeChat avatar is "a young woman wearing white coat" to contact her. The female youth claims to be "Wang Teacher", she asked her to the physicians of Ms., asked her to transfer the hair photo for identification. Soon, "Wang Teacher" issued a diagnosis and treatment conclusion to Ms. Zhang.

"The hair follicle is not smooth", "the liver kidney is not good" "need conditioning", see these diagnostic conclusions that seem to "professional", and Ms. Zhang has some semi-suspicious, and ask the other person’s professional qualification certificate.

"Teacher Wang" has sent a photo and positioning address of the so-called "Doctoral Garden Hair Health Center" and claims that Ms. Zhang can verify it. While the provided address is located in Guangdong, it can’t help but can’t stop the temptation of the "secret" of the secret. "Holding a trial of the mood of 1580 yuan online shopping, and received the breeding Chinese herbal ointment from the other party. Jinfang tea, physiotherapy foot post and other products. After using these products for a while, Ms. Zhang found that his white hair did not have a black. When it is questioned to "Teacher Wang", the other party is in its "physical fitness", it is necessary to build a "hair-free" conditioning plan, and then launch a so-called "wash tea" from Ms. Zhang. "" Mr. Umdi "and other products, with a division of 12,000 yuan twice.

And when Ms. Zhang uses these products, the hair is not turned black, and there is a symptom of scalp and redness, facial edema.

After aware that you may be deceived, Ms. Zhang reported to Yangpu police. The task force went to more than to concentrate on the network, and the task group visited the survey and mastered the organizational architecture and the main members of the gang.

After fixing a large number of criminal evidence, on September 27 this year, under the strong support of the local police, the task force went to Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei and other places to launch centralized receiving network actions, and gain 54 suspects, and seized a lot. Fraud use of words and written mobile phones, computers, etc.

After investigation, the criminal gang took the company’s architecture to operate and detailed.

It is divided into a plurality of underline groups in Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, etc., and each group is generally consisting of person in charge, finance and several "customer service staff", and the number is around 10. The gang first publishes an advertising drainage through a short video platform, attracting the victim to add a network social platform account released in the video. Thereafter, through special disciplines, first defraud the victim trust, and attract one, then, three places with so-called health care products at high prices online.

In order to achieve fraud and acquisition of victims, the gang also designed fraudulent speaking surgery in the internal development of the gang and fictitious "Hair Health Center", and forged relevant physical examination and identification reports.

After investigation, the products sold are "three no" products with poor quality, and the cost price is mostly dozens of dollars, and the online price is hundreds or even thousands of yuan. After preliminary statistics, the criminal gang fraud covers nearby, nearly a thousand people were deceived, and the fraud is as high as more than 10 million yuan. At present, there is a criminal suspect that the case has arrested 49 people have been arrested according to law, and 5 criminal compulsory measures have been taken, and the case is under further investigation. Sourceph "Style =" Display: None ">.

Traffic travel health code yellow code, red code is not allowed to enter the train station

Traffic travel health code yellow code, red code is not allowed to enter the train station

  Beijing Station staff is carrying out the environment and killed the Beijing Youth Daily, I learned from the China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd., according to the prevention and control policy requirements, from yesterday zero, Beijing area has 100% of the station passengers Code, green code pass, yellow code, red code must not enter the station.

At the same time, it is 100% inspected for the Beijing passenger health code for each other to enter Beijing (including each station) of Beijing. At present, all the stations in Beijing will send the personnel to conduct man-test health yards in the station, and open Beijing Health Bao, healthy code yellow code in advance through broadcast reminder, and the red code will not enter the station. At present, the key station area will build a railway department, establish a retention area and special channel in 6 stations, and do a good job in the prevention and control of risk, so that it is not mixed with other passengers; secret, secondary secret person closed loop transfer, concentrate; guide The passengers are evacuated; uninterrupted, suggesting that passengers wear masks, do not gather, ensure that personnel implement the safety interval.

  In addition, according to the city TRC company news, in order to do a good job in the exhibition of the station, from 24 o’clock on August 4th, all stations of Beijing area, the railway railway, the three-speed health code, all the passengers must hold health The code "green code" can enter the station. Before the passenger enters the station, you need to take the initiative to show your health code to the railway staff. (Reporter Wang Wei Liu Yang) (Editor: Wen Wei, Hao Mengjia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Renovo hometown to carry out the people’s safety and satisfaction "double improvement" publicity activities

Renovo hometown to carry out the people’s safety and satisfaction "double improvement" publicity activities

The issuance of the staff issued promotional information In order to effectively enhance the awareness of the people’s safety prevention, further enhance the sense of security, satisfaction, and promote the peace of the water, and the rule of treatment. Recently, the Ping An Office of the Renshui Township jointly residential provinces, the Rainy Lake District People’s Procuratorate, the Rainy Lake District People’s Court launched the "Double Improvement" publicity activities of the people’s safety satisfaction. Through the suspension banner, the publicity information such as blackfish and evil, to prevent telecom fraud, drug prevention education, and the knowledge of the rule of law education, and the on-site explanation, etc., to promote the rule of law, let the masses participate in the creation of peace in peacetime.

In the event, the staff combined with the actual situation, patience the masses’ doubts, detailed answers. At the same time, listening to the opinions and suggestions of the masses on the "double improvement" work, and actively guide the masses to objectively evaluate in peace creation, contributing to the construction of level and safe construction. The event issued more than 2,000 kinds of publicity materials, and the audience received more than 55 people, and more than 30 people were willing to solve the masses.

Through this publicity, it effectively improves the participation rate of the masses on "double improvement" work, knows the rate, satisfaction rate, and enhances the masses’ sense, happiness and sense of security.


Temporary difficulties for students who have affected students in Henan Province

Temporary difficulties for students who have affected students in Henan Province

  Original title: The temporary difficulties of the premises and difficulties of the province of the province have been learned on July 24 that in accordance with the provincial education department arrangement. At present, the province has opened a temporary difficult subsidy application channel, and will be based on the people of Henan. Give funding. As of 18:00 on July 23, the province has funded 806 Henan students, and the first batch has issued a temporary difficulties. In order to give help assistance to the hood of the hooded family economy and difficulties, the provincial education department party group highly attaches great importance to the first time of the provincial education funding and security center, requiring the province’s universities. Pay close attention to the safety and difficult difficulties of Henan affected students, especially pay attention to the new students’ new-stricken regions admitted this year, and fully exploit the number of students and their family economic conditions, immediately start "green channel", causing a family economy for emergency disasters. Difficult students adopt measures such as temporary difficulties in schools.

  "Mountain adults in Henan, if necessary, please contact us! The school always works with everyone, let us share the wind and rain!" Shanxi University issued a "a letter to the Henan students" on July 22.

In the past few days, universities in the province have pushed the notice in the school public account and WeChat group, inform all students (including new 2021 admission new students), such as emergency disasters, can apply for temporary difficult subsidies and enrollment "green channels", school will promptly Provide help, earnestly do practical solutions for each Henan family economic difficult student, to ensure that they go to school, and learn peacefully.

(Reporter Li Linxia).

Shanghai concentrated release flower blossom theme tour route

Shanghai concentrated release flower blossom theme tour route

[] The Tenth China Flower Expo will kick off in Shanghai in May this year. Shanghai has concentrated on 6 flower Expo theme tourism routes, enriched the citizens’ visibility and cultural leisure life, revitalizing the consumption of Wenbao.

  The theme of the theme of the flower fair on the day is characteristic, and many Wen Travel Enterprises in Shanghai are designed and developed separately. Among them, there is a sightseeing route for the Huangpu River Tour and Hua Expo to achieve "Shui Bank", there are outdoor cycling lines in the series of flowers exchange parks and Shanghai Chongming Multiple scenic spots, and combined with Shanghai folk cultural activities and flower fairs. Sightseeing parent-child experience line, etc.

These themes will be on the line before and after the flower fair. The time of spring, Shanghai Wenxiao, also launched another six special tourist lines around the trading, and the card points cover the China International Import Expo held the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) and the surrounding venue facilities, gathered many excellent historical buildings. Along the Yuryuan Road, show the landmark along the Yangpu, the Shanghai International Fashion Center, such as "Industrial Rust", and the Shanghai International Fashion Center, etc.

  In the next year, through the four seasons of Shanghai promotion platform built by Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Shanghai Shangxiao Co., Ltd. will be "Summer City", "Summer City", "Summer City" "" Summer City " "Winter · Warm City" is the theme, launches season of seasonal brigade products, and further enhances the acquisition, happiness, revitalizing the civil tourism, and promotes economic development.