The power supply has fallen at the "door of the house", "worry -free" and "saving gold"

The power supply has fallen at the "door of the house", "worry -free" and "saving gold"

"No need to run at once, and the power supply company also saves us more than 1.9 million yuan. This good policy must be liked!" On June 1, Li Dong, the person in charge of the project of Tianjin North Valve Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Thanks to the State Grid Tianjin Electric Power, and said, "We cherish this ‘real gold and silver’, and will continue to invest in product design and manufacturing, and strive to create more value.

"What kind of electricity services have allowed Li Dong to" save "and" save money "? In order to settle 30 measures for" help industries, benefit people’s livelihood, promote double carbon "power services released in Tianjin Electric Power in February this year, it is implemented. , State Grid Tianjin Ninghe Company immediately launched a visit to "Helping Enterprises to Repel Gong and Reinforcement and Provide Precision Services".

When visiting Tianjin’s Future Science and Technology City Modern Industrial Park Management Committee, Ninghe Company learned that the "northern valve" had obtained a planning construction permit, and immediately arranged for Sun Zhaoyu, a large customer manager, took the initiative to dock. Sun Zhaoyu accepted the power handling business online through the "Online State Grid" APP, and after surveying the situation, he organized various majors to design a power supply plan, and at the same time followed the implementation of the implementation of supporting grid engineering and user power engineering.

After the project was completed, Sun Zhaoyu began to organize acceptance work, allowing customers to enjoy a high -quality power -handling experience of "not running at a time."

"We continuously build and improve the 10 kV public power supply line, so that the power supply is equivalent to receiving the company’s" home door "." Sun Zhaoyu introduced, "Through these active ‘extended’ service measures Investment of more than 19 million yuan.

"As one of the four future science and technology cities that have been launched in the country, with the promotion of the development strategy of Tianjin Manufacturing Industry City and the target of Ninghe District’s manufacturing industry, Tianjin Future Science and Technology City’s investment promotion and regional development into the" express train "Dao", the acceleration of the "electric engine" is indispensable. The State Grid Tianjin Electric Power focuses on the optimization of the power business environment. By the implementation of the "1001 Project", a 220 kV transformation station, 2 110 110 are built in Tianjin Future Science and Technology City. KMF power stations have greatly enhanced the power supply capacity of the region; 110 kV lines are 77 kilometers, 35 kV lines are 14 kilometers, and 10 kV lines 13 times 52 kilometers.

State Grid Tianjin Ninghe Company establishes a monthly communication mechanism with Tianjin Future Science and Technology City Modern Industrial Park to understand the progress of investment promotion and supporting facilities in the park in a timely manner. Enterprises use good electricity and convenience. Hou Jianye, director of the Comprehensive Energy Service Department of the State Grid Tianjin Ninghe Company, said: "Since this year, we have completed electricity delivery for 5 companies in the future science and technology city of Tianjin, with a total reporting capacity of 4505 kV. Users save more than 4.5 million yuan in investment. "Source: State Grid Tianjin Electric Power (Responsible editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) sharing for more people to see.

"Forever Confucius" Cultural Exhibition opened in Kaohsiung

"Forever Confucius" Cultural Exhibition opened in Kaohsiung

Guo Shuqing represents Shandong Group to give Confucius statue to Foshan Mountain.

People’s Daily reporter Ren Chengqi photo people NG Kaohshang October 31 (Reporter Ren Chengqi Wu Yaming) Shandong Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and the "Forever Confucius" Cultural Exhibition hosted by the Taiwan Buddha Mountain Buddha Memorial Hall on the 31st opening.

Shandong Governor Guo Shuqing worshiped the union of the nebula, participated in the opening ceremony of the "Forever Confucius" cultural exhibition, and gave Confucius statue to the Buddha, the 79th generation of the 79th generation of the grandchildren, the president of the Chinese Confucius Association, "Confucius Harrant picture".

From "Confucius Genealogy", there are more than 1.8 million Confucius descendants worldwide, including more than 3,000 Taiwan.

The opening of the cultural exhibition is divided into three parts. The "Zun Rongfu" expressing the distingness of Kongfu, with the cultural relics to highlight the deep connotation of Confucius family; "The Poetry" region, how to express how the first book in the world "Gifts" increase its own cultivation and form a home style of poetry; "Jinyiyu food" shows the daily life of Kongfu.

Guo Shuqing said that Shandong is the hometown of Confucius, and Kong Meng culture has been passed down and plays an important role in social culture.

I came to Taiwan, bringing Confucius statue to the Buddha Memorial Hall, I hope that the people on both sides can find the resonance of Chinese culture. The Ningyun Master said that he is as devoutly for Confucius and Buddhism, and also hopes that Confucius has its status in the Buddha Memorial. From the history and culture of the people, the people of the two sides of the strait have a high degree of harmony between cross-strait cultural exchanges.

Guo Shuqing, October 28th to November 1, Shandong Economic and Cultural Exchange Group came to Taiwan to hold "2013 Taiwan · Shandong Economic and Trade Culture Week". In the theme of "walking relatives, make friends, promoting communication", carrying out more than 20 topics, special events of civil interaction, economic and trade cooperation, and cultural exchanges.

Among them, "Forever Confucius" Cultural Exhibition, Shandong Face Festival is held in Buddhao Mountain.

[Shanghai War Disease] A spokesman for the Shanghai Municipal Government: Welcome to the return of Shanghai who is familiar with the familiar miss with actual actions

[Shanghai War Disease] A spokesman for the Shanghai Municipal Government: Welcome to the return of Shanghai who is familiar with the familiar miss with actual actions

  On May 31, Shanghai held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia.

At the end of the press conference, Yin Xin, a spokesman for the Shanghai Municipal Government, sent out: "Today’s conference is the 90th press conference held since our epidemic. Nearly 450 questions, I have made a lot of interview reports, thank you for your efforts. We must also thank us for the release of all the staff behind the scenes and the sign language team.

Many comrades have been living in the office for more than two months. From tomorrow, everyone can return to the family one after another. What is even more thanks to all citizens and friends who are concerned and concerned about our citizens. Everyone puts out a lot of valuable opinions, suggestions, criticism, and encouragement. We are all in our hearts. Important fulcrum for improvement.

Thank you for your help and tolerance.

"Yin Xin said, tomorrow’s city will usher in a new beginning. On this day, we have been looking forward to it for a long time. Everyone has paid a lot. This day is not easy, we need to cherish it, guard together, use our actual situation, and use our actual situation. Actions welcome the return of Shanghai that we are familiar with and miss.

(Reporter Kang Yuzhan).

[New Year’s grassroots] BR help the nest old man Chengdu "grandmother kitchen" to pass warmth

[New Year’s grassroots] BR help the nest old man Chengdu "grandmother kitchen" to pass warmth

People’s Network Chengdu February 7th (Guo Ying) Qingwa gray wall in Chuanxi style, more than ten square meters of shared space, the window in the house, the outside the house is fragrant. The No. 4, the small tax lane, Yulin Street, Yulin Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu, located in the far-known "grandmother kitchen". On the afternoon of February 3, in the No. 4th, the 72-year-old Liu Daoyu is busy, dust cleaning, Irrigation vegetable garden … Her ad hurt, a nest, "these It is the original ecological dish, the taste is sweet (Sichuan dialect, very sweet means)! Tomorrow we will take them to the community’s elders, let them be happy.

"The Tumen Street community is located in the center of Chengdu, because the community construction time is earlier, there are multiple old old hospitals.

The data shows that the old people over the age of 80 are close to 900 people, and more than 400 elder people between 70s and 80s are numerous. In 2016, the enthusiastic maidge used the "grandmother kitchen" to create a "grandmother kitchen" in front of their own doors.

In the past five years, the "Grandma Kitchen" has become the space of the communication activities of the community, and become a "warm zone" that is difficult to cut in their hearts.

This year, in order to cooperate with good epidemic prevention and control, the "Grandma Kitchen" suspend all dinners, party activities, but there will be two or three old people to go to the door every day.

"The event stops, our service cannot stop.

"In order to take care of the elderly people in the community, Liu Mai wants to provide services to everyone.

The 73-year-old Lindrong is going to do things for two or three kilometers away. Considering that she did the knee surgery, the legs and feet were inconvenient, and the milk milk used her electric small three-wheeled to carry her; 93-year-old stone beauty lack security Milk milk and volunteers took the initiative to send fresh vegetables to alleviate her anxiety; for some time, Liu Mai also bought flour, please ask the community "big chef" to do a pile, distribute to the elderly They have adopted it. This year’s Spring Festival, the national provinces call on foreign people "local New Year".

Considering that some of the children of some elderly cannot go home and the parental group, the Community of the Yumen Street is actively relying on the "Grandma Kitchen" to establish a helper channel for empty nest families. According to Shen Miaohui, Secretary of Community Party Committee, the recent community has established a residential hospital to fall access to the needs of the community, lead, netger, community backbone, volunteers to go to the hospital, to go to the hospital, and troubleshoot the old family For the first time to send them to material support and services.

Jieyang, Guangdong held the "Lion Dance Jieyang · Vigorous Ancient City" online publicity activity

Jieyang, Guangdong held the "Lion Dance Jieyang · Vigorous Ancient City" online publicity activity

In order to give full excavation and promotion of excellent traditional cultural resources, tell the story of Jieyang, spread the sound of Jieyang, and enhance the good image on Jieyang online, focus on the theme publicity activities of the "Internet China Festival" and "Yueyin Yinhu Nianwei Bay Area", and the Internet message of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee The office and the Civilization Office jointly organized the "Lion Dance Jieyang · Vitality Ancient City" online publicity activity. The activity realizes the interactive scene of the "Green Lion" in the form of WeChat Mini Program. It shows the new and developing appearance of the construction of Jieyang Vitality Ancient City, Binhai New City, Industrial Strong City, and Rural Revitalization through the "Green Lion Patrol City" form. With an unprecedented struggle, the spirit of storms and rainlessness, promote high -quality development, create high -quality life, and strive to write a new chapter in the modernization of Jieyang. Since its launch on January 31, the applet has attracted great attention from the media and the Internet. A total of 229 related information on the Internet open platform, 898,725 visits in the small program, and 326,1665 blessing cards. The event fully demonstrated the new style of Jieyang City, further sang the main theme, promoted positive energy, promoted the construction of online civilization, and created a clear network space. (Supply of the Guangdong Internet Information Office).

Normal warning education of Tian’e County to promote the construction of "clean and honest hospitals"

Normal warning education of Tian’e County to promote the construction of "clean and honest hospitals"

A few days ago, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Tian’e County, Hechi City carried out a warning and education activity in the county’s medical and health system in the form of intensive watching the clean government warning films, discussions and exchanges. The medical ethics style has continuously promoted the healthy development of the hospital. Since the beginning of this year, the county’s disciplinary committee supervisory committee has transformed local typical case resources into a clean government education resource, such as "Cases as the Police Belly" and other violations of discipline and illegal warning education films. Activity. The county disciplinary committee supervisory committee has incorporated the corruption and style of corruption and style into the construction of the construction of Qinglian Hospital. The large -scale rectification activities were put on a large -scale rectification activity to carry out special supervision of various medical institutions in the county.

Supervise all medical institutions to carry out talks and talks to form a competent unit to talk about the "four must -see" working models of the "four must talks" of the hospital’s "first leader", "first leader" to talk about the leaders of the management, the director of the department, and the director of the department. The integrity line of medical workers. At present, the county disciplinary committee supervision committee organizes 5 rounds of special supervision and inspection in the field of medical and health unhealthy, and finds 36 problems. It proposes 25 rectification suggestions and guides the cadres and staff of various medical institutions to sign more than 800 proper medicine commitments to conduct a mind. More than 100 talks.

The disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the County Discipline Inspection Commission in the County Health and Health Bureau also interviewed relevant leaders and heads of departments to guide medical staff to correct the service attitude.

同时,督促县卫生健康局履行主管部门职责,指导县公立医院全面排查重点岗位和重点环节的廉政风险,形成了权力清单和责任清单,完善药品集中采购、项目审批、财务审计、“双随机、 One public "supervision, medical service items and publicity standards and other specific systems have strengthened effective restrictions on power operation.

"We adhere to the requirements for the construction of a clean and honest hospital, and focus on the important links, important areas, key personnel and outstanding issues of the power operation of the medical and health industry, strengthen supervision, continue to rectify the problem of incorrect wind and corruption in the medical field, and escort health and health undertakings. High -quality development.

"The relevant person in charge of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Tian’e County said.

(Shi Xilan Chen Guangke) (Responsible editor: Liu Jia, Xu Yanwen) Share let more people see it.

Firm ideals and beliefs, be a young cadre who is true and knowledgeable

Firm ideals and beliefs, be a young cadre who is true and knowledgeable

Artificial Intelligence Reading: On the morning of March 1st, the new issue of the Chinese Youth Class opened in the Central Party School. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the "first lesson" for the sixth time in a row, which was full of care and expectations for young cadres.

Looking at General Secretary Xi Jinping’s six opening speeches, although it has its own focus, building an ideal and belief is the same theme.

The ideals and beliefs are the spiritual pillars of the Communist Party of China and the political soul, and it is also the ideological foundation of maintaining the party’s unity and unity.

In the great era of young cadres, based on a new starting point for a century, facing a century -old change, we must take firm ideals and beliefs as a compulsory course for life, and continuously worked and endured the test in the practice of struggle.

Knowing the truth is to believe in it. A firm ideals and beliefs are inseparable from solid theoretical literacy and sober political minds.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the opening speech of the Chinese Youth Class for the first time. In terms of learning theory, cadres should be willing to spend energy, comprehensively learn, follow up in time, think in in -depth thinking, and contact actual learning. Young cadres only have continuously strengthened theoretical learning, strive to master the basic principles of Marxism, and study hard to study the theoretical results of the party in various times. New, continuously expanding the depth and breadth of learning can we be a political and ideological firm believer on the basis of deep understanding theory. Believe in it, and loyalty to the party is the criterion for practicing ideals and beliefs. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized whether to measure whether cadres have ideals and beliefs, the key depends on whether they are loyal to the party. Our party has gone through hundreds of years, and after countless hardships, no difficulties overwhelm us, no enemy has defeated us, relying on the loyalty of millions of party members. Stepping on the new journey, young cadres must maintain their sincerity to the party, always keep the political nature of the Communist Party members, and unswervingly listen to the party and go to the party. , Do not destroy its festivals, often compare the party constitution and party discipline, examine their ideals, beliefs, ideas and deeds, and use the party’s glorious tradition and excellent style to practice their original mission and practice ideals and beliefs.

After doing it, we know the truth, and the practice is the interpretation of firm ideals and beliefs. In practice, only if you have experienced practice, you can test the correctness and science of the ideals and beliefs. In the peaceful age, it is not only life and death and blood to interpret ideals and beliefs, but also whether cadres can establish awareness of serving the people, whether they can bravely carry the burden in the face of urgency and danger, and whether they can fall the party and the country’s tasks. To implement it. Young cadres should consciously use the party’s theory of the new era to arm their minds and refine their skills. In practice, they have the courage to take responsibility, make it hard, and make good achievements. , Leave a regretful struggle footprint on the new way to achieve the second century -old struggle goal.

(Yuan Yuanhong).

"Chinese concept is in depth of the general development of world peaceful development" (foreign political party politicians and friendly people watch the Communist Party of China in the new era)

"Chinese concept is in depth of the general development of world peaceful development" (foreign political party politicians and friendly people watch the Communist Party of China in the new era)

"In recent years, China has achieved world -renowned achievements in the fields of fighting the new crown pneumonia, poverty alleviation, and ecological governance, and the living standards of the people have improved significantly.

The strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core is the root cause of these achievements. "Sri Lanka -Chinese Friendship Association Chairman Aandehtrak said in an interview with our reporter recently.

In September 2014, President Xi Jinping visited Sri Lanka. "I was fortunate to have met President Xi Jinping for the first time." Gunatrak is still unforgettable. The report published a signature article entitled "Do the Dream -by -Dream -by -Dream Partner". The article wrote: "The boat of friendship cooperation between China and Sri Lanka will be on the dream of the wind and waves on the magnificent 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and chasing the national development.

"This gives Gunirak’s huge encouragement and inspiration.

"As the chairman of the Sriors Friendship Association, I have made up my mind to take the opportunity of the joint construction of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road proposed by President Xi Jinping as an opportunity to promote economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

"Gunatrak said.

Gunatrak visited China for the first time in 1978, and came to China many times since then, witnessing China’s rapid development. "It is because of the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China that China’s comprehensive national strength and international influence are increasing. Actions have implemented the original mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. " "I studied important speeches made by President Xi Jinping on different occasions, and deeply admired his wisdom and art of governing the country.

"Gunatrak said," President Xi Jinping proposed to build the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, global development initiative, etc., advocating the common value of all mankind and promoting the construction of a community of human destiny. The Chinese philosophy is in depth of the general development of peaceful development in the world, and its strategic vision. "In May 1995, Gunatrak was elected chairman of the Sizhong Friendship Association. For more than 20 years, he has traveled to Sri Lanka and China many times to contribute to the folk friendship of Sihan.

In October 2015, the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road Promoting Human Development" keynote speech contest jointly organized by the China International Exchange Association, which was jointly organized by the China International Exchange Association of the Sri -Chinese Friendship Association and the CPC Central Committee, was held in Colombo. 575 students from all over the country of Sri Lanka participated in the competition, and the competition was greatly successful. Many students have a strong interest in China and Sri -China friendly cooperation.

"Young people are the future of the country.

The Sriors Friendship Association is willing to create conditions for more outstanding young people to exchange in China and consolidate the foundation of the friendship between the two countries. We will also continue to work in the field of cooperation with Chinese folk groups, closely friendly exchanges, and make the trees of friendship in Si -Chinese more leafy. "Ganatrak said. In July 2013, the China International Exchange Association organized a joint survey group to visit China, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka think tanks, and media people. , Shanghai, Jiangxi and other places. In Jiangxi, Gunatrak visited the ancient kiln folklore expo area of ??Jingdezhen City, and introduced the Sri Lanka’s protection and development of traditional culture in the dialogue of "inheritance and development of cultural inheritance and urbanization in the process of industrialization and urbanization. Practice, in -depth exchanges with Chinese guests. "Jingdezhen has a long history, and the development of ceramic culture and related industries there is impressive.

The Communist Party of China has profound thinking and active exploration in the inheritance of historical culture and promoting the excellent traditions, especially in promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional culture of China, and its experience is worth learning from. "" Sizhong relations can be called a model of friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in small and small countries.

"This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and China. In 1952 before the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries signed the historic" Miji Agreement ", opened the door of friendship between the two countries, and became a period in the history of friendly cooperation between the two parties. Better. In 1971, Sri Lanka firmly supported the People’s Republic of China to restore the legal seat of the United Nations … The important moment of these Sri -Chinese relations was deeply engraved in the minds of Ghanatrak. In the second half of this year, the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th national representative representatives The conference will be held.

"I am looking forward to the conference and believe that the conference will provide more experiencepieces to developing countries including Sri Lanka.


The high -quality development site of Tibet’s "Four Good Rural Road" will be held

The high -quality development site of Tibet’s "Four Good Rural Road" will be held

  China Tibet News from April 14th to 15th, the high -quality development site of the "Four Good Rural Road" of the Tibet Autonomous Region will be held in Shannan, Tibet. The meeting comprehensively summarized the main achievements and typical experiences of Tibet’s "Four Good Rural Roads" since the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan", in -depth exchanges and analysis of existing problems, and further deepen the management of rural highway construction and further deepen rural road management and maintenance. The reform of the system and the implementation of the "road length system" of rural roads, and made every effort to promote the high -quality development of the "Four Good Rural Roads" to carry out re -mobilization and deployment.

The picture shows the rural highway in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The picture shows that since the Tibetan Autonomous Region’s Shannan City has taken the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" for rural passenger shuttle bus travels, Tibet has arranged 3123 rural road construction projects with a total investment of 94.1 billion yuan, and the new rural roads are 10,000 kilometers. By the end of 2021, the total mileage of rural roads in the region would be more than 90,000 kilometers, accounting for 75%of the total mileage of the entire district, and 280 towns and 2974 construction villages were newly increased. And%, 40 and 54 percentage points increased compared to the end of 2015. While the road network structure is continuously optimized, the quality of maintenance has gradually improved.

Tibet established 37 maintenance companies.

As of the end of 2021, the rural highway maintenance mileage in the region reached 10,000 kilometers. The county road pavement roads and special highways, rural roads, and village road paving roads reached%and%, respectively.

  As of now, Tibet has opened 317 rural passenger cars, 369 vehicles participating in the operation of rural passenger transport, and 74 counties have opened passenger cars; 500 towns and villages have passenger cars, with a pass rate of 73%, an increase of 18%over 2015; 2259; 2259 The construction village passenger car, the passenger car rate is 43%, an increase of 14%over 2015. Xietongmen County, Yantong County, Shigatse City, Qiongjie County, Shannan City, Lang County, Lang County, Langzhi City, was named as a national "Four Good Rural Road" demonstration county; In order to deepen the pilot zone of the reform of rural road management and maintenance systems nationwide; Lhasa City’s Dragon Deqing District was identified as the second batch of urban and rural transportation integrated demonstration counties in the country, which strongly led and promoted the construction of the "Four Good Rural Roads" in the region.

  The meeting made it clear that in order to promote the high -quality development of Tibet’s "Four Good Rural Roads", accelerate the shortcomings of the transportation infrastructure of the agricultural and pastoral areas, and comprehensively improve the level of rural highway services, the next step will be seized two breakthroughs in reform and funds to accelerate rural areas The power of highway construction is decentralized, the reform of the rural road management and maintenance system is deepened, the "road length system" of rural roads is fully implemented, and the coordinated development of rural highway construction, management, maintenance, operation, and "delivery" is further promoted.

(Chinese Tibetan Network Correspondent/Liu Buyang reporter/Wang Yuanyuan’s picture was provided by the Transportation Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region) (Responsible: Li Wenzhi).

Struggling to continue the Chinese chapter for the party and the people in the new journey to fight for the new greater glory

Struggling to continue the Chinese chapter for the party and the people in the new journey to fight for the new greater glory

The era created heroes, and the greatness came from ordinary.

On May 25, the atmosphere of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing was solemn and enthusiastic.

Commend the conference to highly evaluate the achievements of public security work and public security team building since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and put forward the public security work in the new situation in the new situation, and the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party under the new situation. Clear requirements. This is the group Yinghui of the Public Security Front once every five years, and it is also a major review of the party and the people on the spiritual style of the public security team in the new era.

In the prosperous age, do a good job of public security in the new era, and the mission is glorious and responsible. The police songs were bright, and the emblem shone. The commendation conference has contributed to the arbitrary expectations and heavy trusts of the public security cause in the new era, which has encouraged more than 2 million police policemen across the country.

After listening, the public security police unanimously stated that they will take the Public Security and English model as an example. With this commendation conference as a new starting point, it will resolutely achieve the general requirements of "loyalty to the party, serving the people, law enforcement fairness, and strict discipline" in order to be more intense. The mission responsibility and the spirit of historical initiative are strived to fight for the party and the people in the new journey. The banner leads the direction of progress -based on the new starting point, the non -load -bearing, and the mission.

The majority of public security police have stated that we must strive to consolidate the foundation foundation of holding up the banner, listening to the party’s command, and loyalty to ensure that the public security work always advances along a firm and correct political direction. "I participated in the commendation conference today. I was deeply educated and encouraged. I came to the Great Hall of the People to receive commendation with the public security comrades. Cui Daozhi, the original investigator at the hall, said: "Everything I give by the party, I also have to return everything to the party. As long as my mind is good, I can walk, and the national dispatch arrangement, I will obey ; As long as I can see and move my legs, I will work for the party’s criminal investigation to the last moment; as long as the country needs, I will immediately get up to the scene. "

The majority of the public security police have escorted a new journey and building a new era with the mental state of never slacming and the unparalleled stance. "We will always take the party’s banner as the flag, and to practice loyalty to the lofty vows of" in the border and heart to the central government ‘, and make more efforts to promote the construction of Ping An. " Gou Guowei, a political instructor at the border police station, said. Shen Qi, deputy director of the Niujie Police Station of the Xicheng Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, said: "Today, I participated in the commendation conference as a representative of the grass -roots police station, and I felt extremely excited and proud. Harmonious and livable living environment. "Yang Chang, Sheriff, Four Brigades of the Traffic Management Division of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that the Party Central Committee’s concern and expectations for the national public security organs and all public security police allows him to realize the goal of struggle And the direction of progress.

The mission should gather magnificent power -focusing on the new goal of Chun’an County Public Security Bureau, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the "National Excellent Public Security Bureau", which has been commended this time. They said that this was the result of the joint efforts of the auxiliary police of all Public Security Police Association. In the future, the "five people’s projects" of "five people" of "breaking the civilian cases, handling civil in the people, running civil, relieving the people, helping the people, and benefiting the people will continue to improve the satisfaction of the people.

Since its establishment, the Qinghai -Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau Golmud Public Security Department’s Golmud Public Security Office, which is stationed in the restricted area of ??life, has made every effort to ensure the safety and smoothness of the Qinghai -Tibet Railway as a duty. Director Shen Weiping said that the police of the whole office will continue to adhere to the world’s highest -level railway public security police station, carry forward the spirit of the Puhe River Station Police Station, which is "casting a loyal police soul, keeping the restricted area of ??life, a snow protection area, and a safe side." The grades and honors belong to the full police.

The public security and people in various places are "the big of the country", and with the sense of responsibility of "constantly rest assured", they are determined to bloom gorgeous flowers in the police camp- "In the next work, I must go all out and and the comrades around me. Try to work together, strictly fight telecommunications network fraud, create a good public security environment for Pudong, and achieve no fraud in the world. "Yang Wenqing, captain of the nine team leader of the Pudong Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Pudong Branch, said firmly. "With this honor of honor as a new starting point, I will consciously align with them along the path to the ancestors of anti -drugs, and take the ultimate goal of eliminating the nation’s toxic and disaster and the poisoning of the people. Yang Liyong, the captain of the Baiyun District Branch of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province, said.

After the commendation conference, Zhang Hua, the head of the three detachments of the Public Security Police Corps of the Hainan Provincial Public Security Department: "As a member of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, I will use this commendation conference as a new starting point to be the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port Construction. The escort and welcoming the 20th National Congress of the Party with excellent results.

"… The majority of police officers of the public security schoing loyal police souls with youth and blood, faithfully fulfilling the new era mission mission given by the party and the people, and accompanied by the new era. Continuing China. The majority of public security police have stated that we must maintain the spirit of self -revolution, maintain a state of spiritual state of constant and work, and fully show the good image of the people’s police leaders led by the party leaders. "The heroic deeds are touching Deeper, forge ahead. I also transform honor into kinetic energy, work with the feelings of the people, and strive to let the people feel fairness and justice in each case and every incident.

"Yin Jianbing, director of the HSBC Police Station of the Shengmeng Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, preached." Adhere to the discipline and strict police standards, keep the bottom line of integrity and self -discipline, and forge ahead with the eyebrows. Good on one side.

Zheng Yan, the captain of the Public Security Management Brigade of Mingxi County Public Security Bureau of Sanming City, Fujian Province, said.

Yang Zonglin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Political Commissar of the Public Security Bureau of Tongren City Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Province, said that the next step will continue to play the role of a party member model pioneer and strive for the escort of the socialist cause of Chinese characteristics in the new era. Sweat, blood, and even the new era of duties assigned by the party and the people. "I will be full of illegal crimes in the field of people’s livelihood in the fields of people’s livelihood with more passionate enthusiasm and strong fighting spirit." Sheriff Yang Qiang said that in the future, he will practice the solemn commitment of "People’s Public Security as the People" with practical actions, and unswervingly be a strong defender of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Go further.

The heroic models of the heroes have stirred up the great ambitions of the millions of public security policemen, and will lead the public security team to move forward in the new journey … (Responsible editors: Peng Xiaoling, Deng Zhihui).