Sports Park is "hot" 15 minutes in Henan netizens to make life healthier

Sports Park is "hot" 15 minutes in Henan netizens to make life healthier

  In 2013, Zhengzhou City, Zhengdong New District, in 2013, in 2013, Henan Province issued the "Henan Provincial Sports Sports Strong Provincial Plan (2013-2020)", "Outline" clearly strengthens urban and rural sports facilities, Make full use of natural conditions such as parks, green spaces, places and landscapes, construction of public sports facilities and outdoor sports facilities such as gymnasium, and strengthen accessible facilities, and improve the conditions of sports activities in various populations. In July 2015, the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development Sports Industry" issued in Henan Province, it is pointed out that the urban-rural ecological green road and the mountaineering aerobics trail are set up.

In the city road, the riverside roads, the rivers and lakes along the coast, and the two sides of the tourism road is planned to build a green road to the masses, connect the urban and rural residents’ gardens, parks, museums, cultural and artistic centers, nature reserves, scenic spots, history Monument, etc., build a resident fitness casual greenway network. In November 2016, the "13th Five-Year Plan" period announced by Henan Province – "Henan Province National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016-2020)", clearly proposes "Strengthening Site Facilities Construction, Torifying National Fitness Foundation" And proposed that by 2020, the province’s per capita sports field area should reach square meters, and more than 250,000 social sports instructor at all levels, often participate in the number of people in physical exercise reached 35 million goals.

  In January 202, the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of National Fitness and Sports Consumption" in Henan Province, increased the supply of sports space facilities, increase the effective supply of fitness venue facilities, and supplemented the fitness facilities around the people. The short board, reasonable use of park green space, etc. According to the information, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the coverage rate of the urban community in Henan Province, the coverage rate of the peasant sports fitness project of the administrative village has reached 100%, the province’s repairs, transformation, and new 5,500 football venues, the public sports fitness venues are free The low-fee open rate reached 100%.

As of the end of 2020, the province’s 17 provinces and urban areas of Jiyuan Demonstration Zone, all built or built "two three conviodes"; in 105 counties (cities), there are 71 counties (city) urban buildings or At the establishment of "two three-game"; all townships and administrative villages in the province reached 100%, and the urban community built a "15-minute fitness circle".

  Implementation: Sports Park walks into the people’s live diversity venue, the Zhengdong New District of Zhengdong, Zhengdong Sports Park, Zhengdong New District Football Park, Basketball Park; Kaifeng’s Ancient City Sports Park; Luoyang City Sports Park, Wenbo Sports Park, Binbo Sports Park Park; Jiasha River Sports Park, Tianhe Park, Samu Sports Park … Henan Province, the improvement of urban fitness facilities, especially the construction of sports parks.

Soy sauce has a good time: high blood pressure, children and other special people pay attention to the right amount

Soy sauce has a good time: high blood pressure, children and other special people pay attention to the right amount

Soy sauce is my country’s traditional condiments, and there are people with soy sauce all over my country. The soy sauce is delicious. It helps to promote appetite, is an indispensable condiment such as cooking, roast, cold dishes. According to the official website of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration, in order to guide the majority of consumers more scientific purchase, edible and storage sauce, Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration suggest that soy sauce contains amino acids, small molecule peptides, sugar, etc., excessive heat It will lose its nutrients and will deepen the color of the dishes due to sugar coking. Soy sauce can be added earlier when cooking dishes, and only seasoning dishes are allowed to add a little available in front of the pan, avoiding high temperature in the pot to destroy amino acids. In addition, when soy sauce is consumed, pay attention to the purchase of the products for cooking soy sauce, try not to eat directly. If you purchase some soy sauce, you can directly consume; patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, special people such as children should pay attention to the right amount, even if they buy low salt soy sauce, if the amount of food is too large, it will also cause health A certain degree of impact. The "Food Safety National Standard Soyao" (GB2717-2018) implemented in December 2019, clear soy sauce refers to the raw material of soybean (cake), wheat and (or) bran, etc., and is made of microbial fermentation. , Fragrant, liquid condiments. The soy sauce here refers only to brewing soy sauce, has a complete fermentation brewing process, does not include liquid condiments prepared by hydrolyzed hydrolyzed plant protein flavoring liquid, hydrolyzed hydrolyzed plant protein flavoring liquid, food additive, and the like.

On June 29, 2021, the "Announcement on Strengthening Soy Soyland and Vine Vinegar" issued by the State Market Supervision and Administration, the soy sauce production enterprises shall not reproduce the production of soy sauce using raw materials such as acid hydrolysis plant protein flavoring liquid. Sauce food safety national standard seasonings should not be marked with "soy sauce" name or category, do not use raw materials such as acid hydrolysis plant protein flavor and produce soy sauce. Sales preparation of soy sauce will be included in liquid seasoning management.

According to the fermentation process, soy sauce is divided into two categories of high salt-rich fermentation soy sauce and low salt solid fermented soy sauce, and high-salt ray fermented soy sauce can also be divided into high salt vessel fermented soy sauce and solid fermented soy sauce. The Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration suggests that consumers do not buy tag information incomplete when purchasing pre-packaged soy sauce, cover, print, print, or tamper with tamper. At the same time, it is also possible to pay attention to the amino acid state of the label identifier, the higher the amino acid state, the higher the quality of the soy sauce, and the main source of soy sauce.

Consumers should pay attention to whether there is a formal supply channel when purchasing bulk soy sauce. When purchasing, you can judge the quality of soy sauce in the following aspects: Observe the color and morphology of the product. Products preferred products are generally red, gloss, and the products are more viscous and gently shake will produce certain foams;

The quality of the quality is rich in fragrance, soft, rich in sauce and ester, unreasonable taste; taste.

Good quality soy sauce is delicious, mellow, fresh, salty, and premium.

In addition, there are "children soy sauce", "organic soy sauce" "Iron strengthening soy sauce", "low salt soy sauce", "low salt soy sauce", "there is no need to choose a low salt product; organic sauce needs to choose organic raw materials Brew; no added soy sauce is generally claimed to add food additives such as preservatives, sweeteners; iron-strengthened soy sauce is a nutritional strengthening of sodium tetracetate, sodium tetracetate, sodium, sodium tetracetate, sodium iron. Condiment; low salt sauce is a product having a low salt content, often refers to compared with the same brand without damaging salt products. Consumers can choose the product suitable for yourself according to the preferences and special needs.

Trace elements or "food supplement" most reliable

Trace elements or "food supplement" most reliable

In recent years, the nutritional supplements that have a variety of functions have been eaten after a meal, which seems to be a lot of people’s choices. The present thing is increasingly paying attention to health, how to reasonable diet, how to supplement nutrients, and the focus of people. Remove the daily dietary intake, ordinary consumers need to conventionally touched vitamins, minerals, and all kinds of dietary supplements? No "food nutrition" released by the "Food Nutrition" published in the Publishing House published by cardiovascular diseases, which can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease, etc. Published nutritional supplements: Nutritional supplements are an auxiliary means of diet, used to supplement the amino acids required for the human body, trace Elements, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The nutrient supplement may be composed of amino acid, multi-unsaturated fatty acid, mineral and vitamin, or consist of only one or more vitamins, or consisting of one or more dietary components, including amino acid, vitamin, mine. In addition to nutrients such as substances, it is also possible to have a herb or other plant component, or a concentrate, extract or composition of the above component. Li Wei and the Chief Professor of the Nutrition and Health Research Institute of Qingdao University, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Canadian Four scholars published articles on the British Medicine Magazine (BMJ) "The impact of vitamins and mineral supplements on health" and assessing various The effect of nutritional supplements, including a variety of vitamins, minerals and fish oil.

The study found that in the United States, adults over 70% have used nutritional supplements, compared to one-third of children and adolescents use nutritional supplements.

In the study, American scholars estimate that 5% of people have intimate, 80% and 97% of the United States and Canada have added too much vitamin A.

Female using nutritional supplements is more than men.

The most wide nutritional supplement is used, the top three are vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D, then vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and calcium. The aforementioned papers show that the randomized control test results show that the risk of using vitamins, minerals and fish oil supplements do not support non-infectious diseases. Nutritional supplements have significantly reduced most of the nutrient intake but also increased the excess of certain nutrient intake, and further research is required to assess nutrient supplements to ordinary people and individuals with specific nutritional needs. Includes people from low income and medium-income countries) health long-term effects. "The nutritional supplements represented by vitamins C, E and D are popular in Western world, but the Chinese are not widely taken.

Song Qing, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Beijing University of Science and Technology, said that trace nutrients have been added to food supplement, and the designed scientific clinical experiments have also failed to give the final conclusions.

"The results of the related randomized control test, for healthy people who have no nutrient lack of performance, eating vitamins, minerals, fish oil capsules, have not found that can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease, cancer or type 2 diabetes The risk of suffering.

"Vice professor Vice Professor, Agricultural University Food Academy" said.

The effect varies from person to person, takes the quantity, and the time should consider the nutritional supplement to the end, do you want to eat? Fan Zhihong said that it is necessary to make decisions on the basis of analyzing the specific situation, and the number of supplements should be reasonable, and the time when the ingestion of the nutritional supplement is not too long.

"There are still many people who don’t belong to the true sense ‘, may not guarantee’ daily can get sufficient nutrients from natural food, may still pay attention to some nutrients within the short term." Fan Zhihong said .

Song Qing from the chemical structure to assess the benefits of supplementing trace nutrients. "Vitamin C is a necessary auxiliary factor of several important enzymes, but human and most primary animals cannot synthesize their own, so they must be taken from food. Vitamin C is also water-soluble antioxidants in vivo. The energy of the human body comes from combustion chemicals The combustion process will damage the cell structure, and the antioxidant can reduce combustion damage. "Song Qing said. Song Qing said that vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant in the body.

The antioxidant effects of vitamins C and E are determined by their respective chemical structures, so the aging due to oxidation of the cell structure can be delayed by antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. "Vitamin D is synthesized by cholesterol through sun ultraviolet radios, is essential for bones.

However, vitamin D is a kind of sterol hormone, which is closely bonded with its closely bonded receptor, so physiological effects are not limited to bones. In recent years, animal experiments and clinical experiments have found that vitamin D can affect many physiological activities.

Supplementary vitamin D can improve immunity to resist various diseases.

Song Qing pointed out. Song Qing said that although vitamin C, D, E-unique chemical structure guarantees its powerful health care function, it is necessary to consider it through the additional supplement of dietary nutritional supplements. If you take it, it is enough. In addition, additional supplements will increase the cost of living. For special people, more people with athletes, weight loss people, elderly, chronic severe disease patients, supplement vitamins, etc., is a powerful guarantee for maintaining or restoring physiological health. (Our reporter Ma loves).

The style of the highland city industry is new (Chong Tian Road to see the change)

The style of the highland city industry is new (Chong Tian Road to see the change)

Leaving Chengdu, driving in Rongchang Expressway, looking away with the hillous mountains stretched away, he saw the Longmen Mountains – Qinghai-Tibet Plateau sectors to push this natural boundary line to southeast.

On the side, the Sichuan Plateau is beautiful; on the other side, the Sichuan Basin property is rich.

Down to the Sichuan Province of Tangnang Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yantuxiang, Yanchengxiang, Sichuan Province, and Xu Xu, Xu Xu, the Alpine Gorge.

Under the blue sky, a white greenhouse is inlaid, and the villagers are busy, and the villagers are busy living.

Surgun is about 3400 meters above sea level. Can you increase the type of vegetables in the plateau? Relying on the poverty alleviation collaboration in the East and West and the province to help the power, the village is transferred to the land to build a plateau vegetable base; the technical staff hand teaches to plant technology, guiding the farmers and herdsmen in their own yards, lettuce, radish … in just a few years, Segu Village relies on the advantages of longevity, the temperature difference between day and night, and vigorously develops the plateau vegetable planting, the product is listed, sold to Chengyu and other places, and become the rich industry of local farmers and herdsmen. "I used to eat, eat it on the sky, and my income is not high. Now the land is turned to the vegetable base, and the annual flow of land is 450 yuan.

I am still working in the base, and I have income every day.

"The villagers will win a day in the day of the day.

Since the model of "cooperative + base + farmers", Yan Tang County has cultivated 11 vegetable bases and large farmers. After the farmers and herdsmen homes have been cultivated, and there are more than 1,500 pastological "small gardens" in the county. The internal organisms of the farmers and herdsmen are effectively stimulated, a batch of planting, farmers have developed, "backward villages" became "Little Kang Village". Continue to west, came to Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, with an average sea level of over 4,000 meters. Entering the Ankang Community not far from the county city, it is a beautiful house with a pole, a flat telled hardening road, a unique parallel street light … After the front house, several The villagers are busy planting flowers; on the community square, a group of children are playing basketball. Here is a centralized resettlement point for the largest and easy-to-ranking relocation of Ganzi Prefecture.

The community residential Bad station is at the entrance of our homes, and he will hear everyone to enter the house.

On the restaurant’s tea table, the butter tea has been burned, and the wall is filled with children’s awards.

"At the end of 2017, our home has moved from the past 200 kilometers away, there is no signal, there is no highway, and the doll is not convenient." Bad told reporters that today’s level conditions improved. Bad’s new home is approximately 90 square meters, except for the three-bedroom and one hall, a sunshine studio has also been built. Bad is a representative inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Cixa County – Tibetan Gesar, and now there are more and more orders.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Sichuan Province has implemented the "Six Minsheng Engineering Plan" for 8 consecutive years, continued to promote Yuechuan, Zhechuan collaboration and provincial counterpart support, accelerate the development of the whole domain tourism, Plateau agriculture and other features, 32 In 2019, Tibet Prefecture has achieved remarkable results in achieving infrastructure construction such as leading cap, transportation, electricity, water conservancy, communication.

Qilihe District organiseert basisschoolstudenten om afvalclassificatie sociale praktijkactiviteiten uit te voeren

Qilihe District organiseert basisschoolstudenten om afvalclassificatie sociale praktijkactiviteiten uit te voeren

De evenementensite.

(Qilihe District Comité Propaganda Afdeling) Volgens het nieuws van het districtscommissie Qilihe, op 23 augustus, de toonaangevende groepskantoor van de QiLihe District City Provincial Afvalclassificatie Werk Toonaangevend Groepskantoor gezamenlijk de basisschoolstudenten in de jurisdictie om afval uit te voeren Indeling Sociale praktijkactiviteiten voor het onderwerp is gericht op het maken van basisschoolstudenten begrijpen het belang van het implementeren van binnenlandse vuilnisclassificatie en het beschermen van het milieu.In het geval, het voorlopig begrip van de basiskennis van afvalclassificatie en stelt het initiatief "Garbage Classification" voor.

Dan leidden het personeel de studenten om naar de Guangmingyuan-gemeenschap te komen voor afvalreiniging en afvalclassificatie oefenen oefenen, en sommige studenten hebben het afval opgepikt en sommigen om vuilnisbrochures te geven aan de bewoners.Bewoners hebben gezegd dat het leven in het toekomstige leven de afvalclassificatie van de praktijk zal toepassen, het leven van de cel beter maken.

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South Korea: I believe that Wang Jinping and Guo Taiming will stay in the Kuomintang

South Korea: I believe that Wang Jinping and Guo Taiming will stay in the Kuomintang

According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" The Kuomintang benchmark, he believes that the two will insist on stay in the party, "I have confidence."

South Korea said that the Kuomintang’s leader in the Taiwan regional leader is quite fair, fair, disclosed, procedures and mechanisms. For the former Chairman Hong Xiuzhu, the Kuomintang, I would like to choose Tainan City, "Relief Committee", and Han said that he is very moving. After all, there is a big older, and it has been willing to challenge the hardships, and the spirit is touched.

Han was in the Nantou in Nantou, interacted with supporters, and also lifted by the local "Treasury" Xu Shuhua and Ma Wenjun.

Nantou County, Lin Mingqi, also stood in Taiwan, South Korea. He said that Han is now nominating the leaders of the Kuomintang, of course, in the end, Nantou County is very united, and it is very confident to Han.

When Korean Yogui, the industrial area manufacturer and the peasant group talked, the industry mentioned that the mainland tourists went to Taiwan, and the Nantou sightseeing industry was very good, and the Luke said that the land is reduced, but not only Nantou County, but not only Nantou County, but Taiwan. Cross-strait peace, development, communication, do business, send big fortune in line with the two sides of the strait.

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Review self-discipline management commitment

Review self-discipline management commitment

  In order to implement the spirit of the 18th Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Session, implement the national Internet information office "According to law network, according to law network, according to law", this website is self-discipline management, and is now open to commitment: First, this website is called a comment service, refers to the use of online interactive communication technology platforms for users to publish comments (including but not limited to voice, text, picture, audio, video and other information). Service.

  Second, this website is committed to making the post to communicate, rational, friendly, and high quality opinions. While driving the development of the business development, strengthen the corresponding information security management capabilities, improve the self-discipline with the post, earnestly fulfill social responsibility, comply with national laws and regulations, respect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and respect the public. Third, this website adheres to the user to register an account with a real identity information, use the post comment service.

  Fourth, this website promises, please sincerely, please use the post to comply with the post that must not pay more attention to the Legal and Regulations, the socialist system, the national interest, the legitimate rights and interests of the socialist system, the national interest, citizenship rights, social public order, moral fashion and information authenticity, etc. "seven bottom lines ".

  5. This website is promised, and all users do not publish the following information: (1) The basic principles of the constitutional determination; (2) Hazard national security, leak state secrets, subverting national regimes, and destroying national unity; (3) Damage to national honors and interests; (4) inciting national hatred, national discrimination, destroying national unity; (5) inciting geographical discrimination, geographical hatred; (6) destroying national religious policies, preaching cults and superstition; (7) Distributed rumors, disrupt social order, destroy social stability; (eight) disseminate obscenity, porn, gambling, violence, murder, horror, or abetment; (9) insulting or slandering others, infringement of others; (10) Others conduct violent intimidation, threats, and implement the human flesh search; (11) The privacy information of the minor’s privacy information was disseminated by the non-adult’s privacy information; (12) disseminating the privacy information of the minor; (12) dissemination Improve social public order; (13) violation of other people’s intellectual property rights; (14) Distribute commercial advertisements, or similar commercial recruitment information; (fifteen) Use other languages ??and texts other than language text other than this website; (Ten 6) There is no relationship with the information comment; (sevente) The information published is meaningless, or deliberately uses the character combination to escape the technical review; (18) other information prohibited from propagation . 6. For users who violate the above commitments, this website will take a pre-warning, refuse to release, delete, short-term prohibition, etc. The post will be preserved in the case, and the report is reported to be reported in the investigation of relevant government departments.

  Seven, this website promises to improve the public report platform, welcome users to supervise all kinds of wrong communication activities and illegal harmful information to create a clear network space.

Commitment: Liaocheng News Network.

The first report in November, China’s heads of foreign diplomacy highlights four driving force

The first report in November, China’s heads of foreign diplomacy highlights four driving force

  As the largest developing country and the largest developed country, can it handle each other’s relationship, and the destiny of the world, it is the two countries that must answer together.

  When Xi Jinping held a video meeting with the US President, Chairman Bid, proposes the three priorities of Sino-US mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, cooperation and win-win three principles and to promote the future direction of Sino-US relations. The basic framework. "In order to build a new international relationship, the new power of constructing the injective injection of human fate is".

In November, President Xi Jinping and Putin President President Putin respectively closed the New Year, the third China Russian energy business forum. The heads of diplomacy leads, and the relationship continues to move toward higher levels, higher quality and higher levels.

  "It is a comprehensive strategic partner and should be firmly cooperated.

"On November 30th, when the President of Cyprus Anastata, Xi Jinping, Chairman Xi Jinping, unanimously decided to promote the relationship between China and the strategic partnership and promoted the Central European relations.

  "Promoting a comprehensive strategic partnership is constantly moving on the new level" "" Promotion (Zihua) comprehensive strategic partnership continues to healthily and stabilize "" Promoting friendly cooperation has achieved more results "" promoting friendly cooperative relations with new stairs "" to promote the two countries () The friendly cooperative relationship is continuously developed "" The new broad prospect of opening up the comprehensive strategic partners "" "promotes the comprehensive partnership of the innovation continues to be healthy and stable" … China’s heads of foreign diplomacy leads, China’s "friends circle" is getting wider and wider, bilateral The development of relationships is constantly rich, and the direction is more clear.

  At the World Leaders Summit World Leaders, the Legislative Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, President Xi Jinping emphasized the "maintenance multilateral consensus". At the opening ceremony of the 4th China International Import Expo, President Xi Jinping pointed out the cornerstone of international trade with the multilateral trading system of the world trade organization.

  "All-to-fight against the epidemic", "Adhere to the Open Cooperation", "Promoting Green Transformation", "actively promoting innovation", at the Summit of the Asia-Pacific OECD, President Xi Jinping is the focus of Asia-Pacific cooperation, and the Asia-Pacific fate community clear path.

  At the 30th Anniversary Summit Summit in China – ASEAN Established Dialogue, President Xi Jinping announced. This is a new milestone in the history of the relationship between the two parties, which will inject new motivation into the region and the world peace and prosperity. At the opening ceremony of the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum, President Xi Jinping summed up the development of refined and non-relationships. First of the first proposal, it is proposed to build a new era of non-fate community and strengthen pragmatic cooperation. In the Central African Leaders’ Strategy, Central Africa is moving towards the next "gold twenty years" to the China-US cooperation forum. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is unsatisfactory, the world economy has a rough road. The global development initiatives proposed by President Xi Jinping aimed promoting the international community to respond to challenges, and promoted the recovery of the world economy and accelerated the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. The Global Development Initiative is complining the development needs of various countries. It is working with the regional development vision, promoting the global development of balanced coordination. At the fourth year, President Xi Jinping said that China is willing to build an open world economy with all countries; developing. To overcome the epidemic, restore economic growth is an important task in the current world.

"China announced that the whole year will work hard to provide vaccines, so far," China is willing to provide development assistance to ASEAN in the next three years "" China will provide a vaccination to non-side "… China is using practical action support development National anti-disease and restoration of economic and social development.

  "To adhere to people and natural harmony, actively address climate change, promote green low-carbon transformation, and strive to build the Earth’s Life Community. At the 2008 leader informal meeting in the Asia-Pacific OECD, President Xi Jinping reiterated the development of developing countries Green low carbon energy support.

  … In the Chamber of the World Leader Summit, the Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Employees of the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum, at the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum, Chairman Xi Jinping called on the promotion of climate change "Paris Agreement" is effectively implemented, and China’s power is injected into China’s power for countries.

  At the 30th Anniversary Summit of China-ASEAN Establishment, President Xi Jinping advocated the construction of all parties to obtain positive response. "Building an open inclusive, innovative growth, interconnection, cooperation, win-win" "Building a more close" "Working in the new era" … November China head of state diplomacy, driving the world to continue to build a human fate community Make it. Producer: Yan Wenbin planning: Chen Yu, Monitor: Xie Peng Yan Yan: Dang Qi Editor: Chen Shi Wang Ya Chen Lu Yu Xie Binbin Ma Xiaoyan Zhang Tao Vision: Wang Yichen Xinhua News Agency production Xinhua News Agency International Communication Fusion Platform.

Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau: Preventing the poor caused by the disease

Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau: Preventing the poor caused by the disease

  "Lao Lu, recently is the body is ok? Is there any difficulty in buying medicine?" Recently, I saw the staff of the Sanmen County Medical Insurance Bureau in Taizhou City to return, and the villagers in Pufa Town, Sanmen County, a staff member. Hands with gratitude, "Thank you, you will help me run, now I can buy medicine every month." Due to illness, poor return is "blocking the road" on the common prosperity road. "

Since the beginning of this year, the Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau has tightened the "urgent expensive" problem of the people, highlighting the orientation of the problem, carrying out the special governance of difficulties in poor guidelines, and solidly promotes medical assistance work, and does not allow the difficult people to fall.

  Take the village to visit the household and worried about medical assistance defense lines suffering from rare disease type II glycologic storage, only through the imported medicine "Merzan".

"This medicine is very expensive, more than 5,000 yuan, 36 people must be played every month, and it will be 200,000 yuan for a month.

It is also necessary for the rare disease fund to basically reimburse, solve the problem of cost.

"Moumou said," But this medicine is very difficult to buy, I went to the designated hospital a few times before, and I didn’t buy it.

"After understanding this situation, the Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau Working Group first got in contact with the hospital, and learned that the problem of this drug is generally existed in Taizhou.

"The landing of medical insurance rare diseases makes patients who have been unable to pay, also have the opportunity to treat, causing drug supply in short supply." The relevant person in charge of the hospital explained.

  After understanding the situation, multi-partial work groups coordinated communication and promoted the proliferation of the supply and distributed adequate drugs to the designated hospital per month. "The success of the difficulty of buying a drug, thanks to the ‘learning party history in the Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau in Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau.

Through visit, we can understand the problem of rescue objects, which is actively working with relevant departments to make docking coordination, and maximizing the needs of the people. "Cai Wenfu, Party Secretary, Director Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau, said. Organize medical insurance cadres to implement group service, go deep into the first line of the grassroots level to explain the tilt policy; take the initiative to handle special diseases for some of the rescue objects, contact specialist hospitals, open up medical green channel; implement a rescue object Self-payment medical expenses "one thing", "one person, one discussion", strengthen the effective connection between the medical assistance and charity and other rescue channels; strive to achieve the difficulties of the difficult masses, the medical expenses are carried out, and the medical expenses are reduced to the reasonable range … this year Since the beginning, the Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau has taken the work of party history, and the problem of "urgent expensive" issues are closely eye-catching.

  Pu Hui insurance full coverage people’s livelihood guarantee network realizes the basic medical insurance, major illness insurance, medical assistance "three guarantees", is the main path of medical insurance precision poverty alleviation reform.

"At present, we have basically realized difficulties should be guaranteed to be guaranteed, and the level of financial and medical assistance policies has reached 100%." ??Cai Wenfu said.

  According to statistics, as of the end of October, Taizhou’s difficult people funded tens of thousands of people, funded by capital of 10,000 yuan, medical rescue people, and directly rescued funds.

  Medical protection for the interests of the masses, but also to achieve full coverage and accurate assistance. In the special governance, Taizhou continues to increase policy tiltness, implement major illness insurance, and gradually improve the level of slow disease clinic in difficult masses.

"Cai Wenfu introduced.

  At present, in an annual medical insurance year, hospitalization, special disease-type clinic, chronic disease door diagnosis, complimentary medical expenses, the accumulation of personal affordable parties and major illness insurance special medicines, 20,000 yuan, and by the majority of disease insurance funds 75%, Do not set the top line.

Among them, the difficult people’s loop lines reduce half, and the payment ratio is increased to 85%. In order to fundamentally solve the difficulty of seeing a doctor, seeing the problem, constructing anti-reaching poor effect mechanism, on September 15, Taizhou launched the first government-guided custom Pu Hui health insurance product "Taizhou Limin Bank", facing Taizhou Medical insurance insured personnel, pay 100 yuan can enjoy the highest 3 million yuan in high guarantees. "For the difficult people, Taizhou is clearly incorporated into the specialty, low-protection, low-edge-wide national rescue personnel by local governments, effectively reducing the burden of heavy diseases in the people." Cai Wenfu said, as of the end of October, Taizhou insured 600,000, the total number of funded people to participate in 10,000 people, the funding amount reached 9.65 million yuan.

  In terms of protection, the Taizhou Medical Insurance Bureau also explored many explorations. At present, Taizhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau mobilized financial, civil affairs, poverty alleviation and other institutions and charity, etc. And resolve the poor to poor to poor. Cai Wenfu said that next step, Taizhou will continue to focus on difficult people due to illness, achieving poor return, achieving good, safeguarding, developing the interests of the masses, ensuring that the people should protect, should save, do medical security, help together rich.

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Urgent, hope that Guizhou Shi Bingyi netizen father and son are seriously ill, help the local multi-sector relay help

Urgent, hope that Guizhou Shi Bingyi netizen father and son are seriously ill, help the local multi-sector relay help

Reply screenshot.After confirming that the basic situation is true, on June 18th, the Party Committee of Shibing County Town Party Committee held a meeting of the situation reflected by Mr. Long, agreed to the report of the county discipline committee to implement a major illness and low security policy measures according to procedures.On June 21st, Shi Bing County reminded that Mr. Long is submitted to some major illness and rescue application materials, and it can be settled after being settled to the medical treatment.

On June 23, Ganxi Village, Chengguan Town held a low-security assessment meeting, incorporating the patients in the rural low-warrant guarantee, and completed the 7-day publicity and the county civil affairs bureau approval process.Since July, Mr. Mr. Laolifa is sick, two people can enjoy 467 yuan per month.On July 8th, the platform of "Southeastern Secretary of the Southeastern Secretary" will reply to the above-mentioned information on the list of people’s online leaders, and explain to Mr. Long, "Chengguan Town will implement you to track your tracking monitoring.Prevent the poor due to illness. "